Need tips and tricks on building a wooden fight stick case


hey guys, i need some good tips and tricks on building a wooden fight stick case with good joints and lay outs. also the best wood i can used.

my plans is to just build a basic wooden case with simple joints that requires no wood screws but glue and wooden blanks. the tools i have is a small compact router,jig saw,couple of clamps, battery power drill, and a various of basic tools.(note that i do have router bits,drills bits and saw mini blades in my tool box). here couple of video’s that i watch of one or two ways of building a nice fight stick case as in a example.
this is very interest of a case that was crave and cut out of a chuck of lumber.
this one is also interesting but in a different way. it put together in piece’s with wood glue

the only things that keeping me guessing is how to put the buttons lay out on the side of the case with the groove craving. i see most in wooden case’s that have it but no way how to do it. the buttons i am going to used is screw style then the clip on buttons. also how i am going to mount the joystick in then drilling holes on the top of the case. i want to keep this case hidden of any screw and keep it in stealth. i am going to cover the bottom of the case with a wooden sheet then plexis glass route. so if anybody can help me out with this please so so i can plan this build out the right way.

  1. There is no “best wood to use”.
  2. When you say “groove craving”, I’m presuming you mean “recessed”. For wood casings, forstner bits (with a drill press) and a router would be what you’d need.
  3. For joystick mounting ideas, see Slagcoin’s site at

#3 a sheet of wood is a good idea so i can cut out the patterns or get them in pieces that is all ready pre-cut. also does it have to be basic kinda wood like oak or it doesn’t matter, as long it good solid wood.
2.can i used that bit on a compact router then a press

  1. Either or. The sky’s the limit. Pick a wood that you want to work with, and go with it. You’re asking for a “best way” and a “best material”, but there really isn’t a “best”. Just use what you want to use, and pick a method to get the job done.
  2. No. Forstners are not for routers. They are mainly for drill-presses. Just google “Forstner bit” and you’ll see what I mean.


To do that you need more than just a handyman’s set of tools I’d say. But good luck with it dude.


well i don’t have a drill press but i found this video which is kinda helpful