Need Tips, for CE Guile

Hi, there’s going to be a tournament soon of SFII CE on ps3, here in mexico, and the price is a ps3 =P
I really dont have money to buy one, so this is my perfect chance, and the right timing before ssf4 comes out. I consider myself pretty experienced on ST, A2, 3s and SF4, so, i know the basics.

Im going to main CE Guile, i wonder if you guys me would give me some tips for him and some videos, mike watson had some videos somewhere but i couldnt find them.
i dont know much about CE.

I was considering also using Sagat, or Bison, because they’re supposed to be top tier, but in SFIICE im not sure, that was in Anniversary Edition.
Im practicing on GGPO at the moment.

Thanks in advance