Need tips for confirming standing / crouching opponents


are there any rules on when a target gets locked into standing position? so i can do standing combos.
or any tips on when to expect a standing target?

so many combos in sf4ae2012 require standing targets. i have a hard time confirming when someone will be standing or crouching on short combos.

i know when people miss a special theh are usually left standing.
are there any other times i should expect a standing target?
i have a hard time with hit confirms.

i noticed something in training mode. after watching sako videos. i noticed he likes to change into standing block after he’s pushed out of range of low attacks.

in practice mode i seem to be able to change between crouch and stand blocking between attacks, even while blocking combo attacks like chain c.lp
so im not sure about the rules of blocking.

am i able to chance stance only because the hitstun is too small while im blocking i guess?

anyone have any tips on when to expect a standing target?
all i can think of is if i meaty with a crouch attack.
but even then i have a hard time confirming short combos.

i guess the only advice is to practice in training.


Yes, you can only change to stance, when the blockstun is over, in a true blockstring you cant move, even if you take off the hands from your stick, your character will still crouchblock.
I also like to switch to stand while blocking, in most cases after the first low light attack, most times, the opponent now wants to throw me, while standing I have 4 frames (?) to tech the throw, crouch teching is only 1 frame!! so its much easier to tech, also I can walk backwards and get more distance between my opponent or throw them out of the frametraps.
Confirming if they are standing or crouching just requires practice, in some time, your brain will recognize it in a hardbeat and let you react accordingly, its scenario memory, which I think is much more important then muscle memory, another example is the instant reaction to neutral jumps or crossups of your opponent with a close fierce punch which knocks them out of the air.


This is false. Even with absolute guard, if you start out blocking something like chainable low attacks, you have to continue to hold downback to defend against those lows until you are pushed out of range. Letting go of the stick or switching to a high guard WILL get you hit. The same will happen if you switch from high to low guard against a multi-hit overhead. Absolute guard doesn’t protect you from that.

As far as confirming if the opponent is standing in a combo, I’ll either start with a couple of hits that will hit them either standing or crouching and confirm afterward or I’ll make sure to use an attack that forces stand on hit (many characters have attacks designated to do this) to make sure the combo works.

If I land a jump-in, the hitstun from that alone is usually enough time to confirm if the opponent was standing before continuing the combo.


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Adding on to Darklight:

Most characters have combos that don’t require a standing or crouching opponent. It’s only a big deal for a few, like Yun and Akuma.

Usually opponents that fail to block a crossup will be standing. Fireballs usually leave them standing in recovery.

Opponents that get crumpled will be standing. Most uppercuts make the user stand in recovery, besides Guile.

Which character are you using and which is giving you trouble?