Need tips for fighting Ryu/Ken

First off, I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything on this topic but if there is please just redirect me to the thread.

Anyways, whenever I fight a Ken/Ryu I feel like I just get shoryuken’d to death. Literally all I see is LMHH > Shoryuken, I get punished by Shorykens, and I get kept out by Hadoukens. One thing that I know I have to do better is blocking, and baiting out these SRKs but I also feel as if everything they do is safe. Ahh so frustrating.

I guess you mean SFxT? It’s hard for us to give you advice if you don’t let us know what game and characters you’re playing.

hahah wow I’m dumb. Yeah SFxT guys, my apologies. And the characters I am playing currently are Rolento, Kazuya, and Hugo. I’m plenty open to other character suggestions though as I would like to learn a good handful of characters to mix and match.

I would suggest hitting the char forum for the char you want to beat them with and ask. I really only know Julia and zangief,

Answers to fireballs are character specific and often the best answer is to play passively and wait for an opening. Kazuya can wave dash through fireballs. Fireballs are traditionally very strong, often even in games with systems designed to weaken them (SF4). Jumping in is not an ‘answer’ but a good read can win you rounds. Fireballs are one of the trademarks of SF games, and in order to beat shotos you need to learn to respect the fireball, but not be terrified of it.

lmh is unsafe on block, you can punish with jab -> whatever.

Shoryukens can be beat by being patient. This does not just mean crouch blocking, even scrubs can deal with that by waking up and mashing jab instead to piss you off. Instead, do things that can’t be DP’d. Does your character have a counter? You can also learn to stagger strings so that if they dp you were blocking but if they just crouch block you don’t sit there like an idiot. Backdashing on their wakeup or crossups can also be useful. Be creative, force the opponent to play your game. Just because they roll out doesn’t mean you have to jab them and get hit by their obvious DP.

Do you have a 40% damage punish combo? If not, that’s your first problem. You need to punish for big damage when they DP or at least set up a situation where you can get a lot of damage. I’m asking this because you say Shoryukens are safe, which they aren’t. They’re one of the traditionally least safe moves, unless you’re O Ken in Super Turbo. They’ll feel less safe when you start taking free rounds off mashers.

Ryu and Ken play very differently once you get to mid level play.

Thanks for all the help, and I know SRKs aren’t safe but I meant it as everything else, for example: j .mk c. mk fireball. I’ve been trying to add something new to my game (better blocking, baiting, reads, and such) every couple of days I play so I know that it will all just come with experience. For some reason I never considered back dashing on wake up facepalm. Thanks again for the help

Some moves will catch back dashes.

In the end you need patience and good reading. Just keep on truckin’ :slight_smile: