Need tips on cutting acrylic

I have a power jigsaw…can I use that to cut acrylic w/o breaking it?

As for drilling, what type of bit should I use? thanks

I used a Jigsaw a long time ago and can’t really remember the results… I think it was usable though.

Get yourself an acrylic knife though… has a handle and looks like it has a sharp hook on the other end. Don’t waste your time with an xacto knife either… just cracks the stuff and makes the ends look like shit.

I cut it with hole saws though… works well. Practice on a scrap sheet though, took a couple trys for me to get it.

Wouldn’t a jigsaw most surely crack it? If you plan on cutting straight line, scoring and breaking i’ve found yielded the best results, its also easier and much less messier than a jigsaw.

Most people use a router with a guide to get a perfectly straight clean cut.

My brother used a table saw to cut my plexi. Worked just fine, but I guess it is a bit different.

The cutting tool they sell for cutting sucks, you have to score it several hundred times before it’s scored enough to break.

Fine tooth table saw may work. For me I just bought a peice of plexi about the size I wanted and built my box around it; easiest way to go about it.

Other options is to goto a plastic store and have them cut one for you.

I used a table saw.

On the first cut, it jumped and caught itself on a screw or something that took a little gouge out of it. Luckily, it was right where one of my button holes will be.

On the 2nd cut, I taped it to a spare MDF board and also taped the line where it was to be cut.

Worked beautifully.