Need tips on getting better

I have MvC2 for the PS2(I know DC version is better, might pick it up). I love this game. However, whenever I go to play others, I get beat down. I noticed that I attack too much and not worry about the defense, which is the main reason why I lose.

Any tips for somebody that has played this game forever, but still plays like a newbie?

BTW, switching to a hori stick soon. Heard they perform better.

learn how to block.

i mean sounds like you play aggressive.

so if you work on your defense. you should be ok

something about these kinds of posts always confuse me. posting that you need tips on getting better and then following up with the explanation of why you lose is very confusing. if you are aware of your shortcomings, then why do you need someone else to use their time sincerely posing questions to learn your style and help you out? help me out here if i’m missing it

You can get better by playing people better than you and while they are beating you, you should be paying attention as to why they are better than you and learn from your mistakes.

I have the worst execution ever but I get wins for money by sticking to important basics such as knowing how to block attacks, when is a good time to call and not call assists, what options are safe, consistency, etc.

Once you focus and learn to play without adding any actions that are not necessary, the game becomes much simpler. If you play team Santhrax, it doesn’t take much skill to do the DHC of death. Aside from a few exceptions, for a team to be good, Sentinel must be on it. It would do you well to learn how to play a solo Sentinel.

Thank you ElderGod and lovepig. I never did like Sentinel but I’ll give him a shot. Any general strategies I can use for any character?

Dunno if this is any help, but this is what I concentrated on when Dark Horse, A sentinel/tron user whopped my ass constantly when I first started picking up Marvel:

  • Learn to block - too much of my losses came from not having good defense, and soaking up too much CH damage
  • Figure out your opponent’s strategy - If he’s a tron user, for example, he’ll probably like to jump over you so the assist can cross you up, learn to block this. For Sentinel, learn your characters and figure out how to keep him locked down. Sentinel is too damn slow in close quarters; if I keep him under pressure I am in control
  • Solo character skills - Robust said everything that needs to be said on this - being good with your characters individually is better than learning them from the outset with assists
  • Get used to using assists - using them properly, comboing off of them, and calling them at the correct times, etc.
  • Team Chemistry - figure out what makes your created team work best. Teams generally revolve around trapping, rushdown, zoning, runaway, chipping or mixture
  • Experience - Its frustrating, but it took me almost two years to start sucking less at Marvel and it began to store in my muscle memory. And I still have to practice constantly or I’ll regress a bit. Also, be prepared to lose alot if you play low-tier teams. :shake:

This is pretty much based on my experience if anyone was curious…:sad:

When should I call out my assists? When I want to start a combo?

For example. I would call out and Iron-Man projectile assist, then I would dash in Magneto and start off with a D+lk, D+hp and start off my air combo. When would it be the right time to execute it? I know against the computer it would be too easy, even on the highest difficulty.

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Its all feel to me. Personally, for a situation like that, its about hit confirm and getting to the opponent (assuming the beam has hit clean) and comboing while they are still in hit stun. Although, considering the effect the beam has when it hits various characters I would just dash in and launch, assuming you’re going for a aerial rave. Here’s an example of one of my regular Morrigan combos: [media=youtube]VYEC5euHys4&feature=PlayList&p=E82DF9D7B4DB1F53&index=14[/media]

Check the vid starting at 1:35/1:36. The Storm player tries to stop my OH attempt with a lighting super, but I land instead - free combo. Anyway, as I go in for the kill, I start the ground magic series to launch and during this time, I push the assist button so Ruby will come in at just the right time so I can land the air Darkness Illusion while the opponent is still in hit stun from ruby’s waterfall. Believe it or not, it took me over a month before this combo became second nature - it surprises even me because its actually kinda simple. Anyway, practice mode is your friend and you’ll need to figure out how to set it into your muscle memory. I do think the computer is good for testing out your new combos, before humans, because at least they block normals and move around, giving you a feel for a real match.

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Also a major tip, playing on PS2 then going to the arcade really fucks up your timing. Trust me. Plus so many other PS2 to arcade differences.

PS2 version sucks, that’s all you need to know. IMO, any NAOMI based game is best played on the Dreamcast. I can’t believe they play CvS2 on the PS2 at EVO and are considering the same with MvC2, but that’s for another thread.

I’m aware that the Dreamcast version is the best version. I just haven’t been able to buy a dreamcast. Got other things to take care of too. But thank you all for your replies. Eventually, I’ll become better. I’m going to buy an arcade stick soon, probably the hori and the SF4 stick as well as the SF4 gamepade when they come out, because I’m starting to get thumb cramps for practicing. Damn, I guess its welcome back to being a hardcore fighting game lover for me huh? lol.

stop practicing at home

thats a waste of time

go play vs ppl

on an appropriate port.

you learn a lot more there.

more then any guide or video can ever teach…

To be honest, text instruction doesn’t work for video games, especially technical games such as fighting games.

What is really needed is an interactive ‘tv show’ (i.e., internet broadcasting) that has top players answering players questions and actually showing them how to do something. Viewers make a request via chat, then instructors show how to do it in the video game, right then and there. This is the next best thing compared to actually having good players as competition (or any competition at all). Competition, as has already been said, is the best way to actually learn… but not everybody has access to that.

This is in the works… but I’m surprised this hasn’t been created by now, actually. Text sucks for this because there are too many variables to account for.

Wow, its been awhile since I posted up here. But anyway, this past Saturday I was playing with my cousin on the DC version of the game and I never realized how much more I could do on that version. I figured out how to do the Iron-Man infinite after a few tries. The game itself was pretty hard to play due to the dreamcast’s controller. Hopefully he’ll take my advice and get an arcade stick.

So, you usually play PS2 ver? What physical differences b/w how the game is ran on PS2 as compared to DC allowed you to ‘do more’ as you say? Do you mean get out more moves faster? Please elaborate. I see you already mentioned you could do IM’s rejump inf, but what prevents you from doing this on PS2? Would like to know as I don’t play the PS2 ver…at all.

What didn’t you like about the DC controller? Are you just not accustomed to playing pad? I assume you have a PS2 stick, but no PS2/DC converter?

Physical differences, more combos are possible. It makes the PS2 version seem like its watered down. In the PS2, infinites and glitches are removed. DC version is arcade perfect. Its faster, sounds better, and looks better since the DC is based off of the Naomi arcade board.

About the controllers, the PS2 pad has an advantage because it has the 2 extra buttons (LP+HP and LK+HK). I don’t have a PS2 stick, but I’ll be getting the SF Fightstick when it comes out.

BTW, this I my cousin who has the DC version and he doesn’t have a dreamcast stick or a PS2 controller.

Judge_RL, you’re from Norfol? Do you know any locations I can find a good MVC2 cabinet? The one in Chesapeake Sq. has messed up buttons.