Need tips on how to hold a stick

So, yesterday I got my brand new Virtua Stick High Grade, and also some help from Urth on how to get it work on kawaks 1.58.

Now I need some tips how to hold the stick, because my hand is soar and hurts like hell after 1 day of playing.

The method to hold the stick I now use is the same as Daigo’s, hold little finger behind the stick, ring & middle & forefinger in front of the stick and thumb on top, maybe slightly to the right for tapping left x 2.

Also as an old pad user I’m having hard times on doing super moves, such as down forward x2 + P, but that I think is only of lack on training.

Dude, use what is comfortable. I wouldn’t recconmend emulating Daigo’s style if your gonna break your wrist.

There is no set style too hold a stick.
Some players reckon that Japanese hold a stick in a particular way. That not true at all.
Many players hold the stick in different ways, for different characters and playstyles.

Decide upon a style and hand position, that benefits you and your playstyle.

But but… Daigo is my idol, so I like must be like him in every aspect :confused:

Of course I always like to give it a try to new styles that won’t break my arm, but I guess I just have to find it out myself then :confused:

Aight, thanks for help guys !

A HRAP/Agetec I have on my lap, I hold the actual stick on the left side of the ball top with the inside of my left palm, my middle three fingers of my right hand linger usually over the three punch buttons.

Occasionally Ill move from holding the ball top with my palm, to my fingers around the top of the ball top depending on what is going on.

Several people I have seen hold the ball top from underneath with their thumb and fingers, which I just cant comfortably do.

I try not to emulate others, but go with whatever is comfortable, Ive always held a stick the exact same way, even arcade machines Ill stand and hold it the same.

like what others say, do whats comfortable for you. i hold it the same way diago does but its shifted up. the shaft is between mu middle and ring finger instead.

My problem isn’t with the stick, but with the buttons. Sometimes if I have the stick on the floor in front of me with my hands hovering over the buttons, after a few minutes I feel like I’m getting carpal tunnel D:

Consider different sizes of balltop if you can’t find a comfortable position to hold the stick in. Also try the inverted/upside-down japanese shmup method, although I couldn’t get that to be comfortable for me at all.

I think of course, comfort should be your priority, but I also think there are advantages to certain ways in holding joysticks as well. There’s definitely a reason why top tier players hold their sticks a certain way.

Personally, I have pinky towards me, rest of the fingers behind the shaft, thumb on top. This gives grip between fourth/fifth finger, thumb for general control and left movements, second and third fingers for easier right and downward movement.

I think it’s more intuitive than it looks in words. But yea, comfort, but there are reasons why people hold a certain way.

If you get carpal-tunnel like after hours of play, that means well A) probably should cut back, lol, but B) esp if it’s your right hand, that means your wrist is lower than your fingers, try elevating your wrist a bit higher than your fingers.

Try finding a comfortable height, by placing a box or something under the joystick. This helped my gameplay A LOT.

i hold it with the stick between my pinky and ring finger and grip it with my whole hand

That sounds like it could work, but I now realised, that ‘No pain no gain’. The grip I use now must have hurt Daigo too in the beginning, but I’m getting kinda used to this grip now.

So yeah, after I get adapted to extreme pain I’ll be able to control my stick like never seen before !

You shouldn’t really have to adapt to holding a stick, just do it how it feels naturally best for you. If you are going to contort your wrist and hold it in painful ways to hopefully get used to it thats how you get this thing called arthritis.

If it was meant to be held a certain way they would put little grooves on it where your fingers are supposed to go like a gun handle.

I’m with everyone else: find your way to hold the stick. I hold bat-tops strangely, I’ve experimented with other ways but I tend to just grip the whole stick, or shift to the top when I switch sides. It makes me weaker on one side, and hopefully I can cure that when I go over to my own (ball-top) stick.

Thanks for that, that really got me worrying now, as there came a slight problem on the way.

I have adapted Daigo’s style now and it feels all comfortable to me. The first 2 days were painful, but now it feels so natural to me, and I couldn’t imagine any other way for me to hold stick, as all combos and moves seem just so natural and best with the current grip.

You guys tell me if I’m just imagining things of my own, but I really think I’m mastered the style… mastered as in are used to the pain and feel it comfortable now. Still have to master the movements though :arazz:

I’m using a Happ Super (I don’t like to feel diagonals) with a ball top (the ones from Tornado Terry) and after mounting, it sticks up maybe 2 inches from the dust washer to the top of the ball. I usually grip it with my thumb on the right side/top, my index finger around the left and back, my middle finger lower, around the shaft, and my other two fingers are folded under resting on the dust washer.

i hold it like i was holding my d**k. it helps ya know.

Haha I somehow can imagine. It can work too, but not for me, I really gotta get my pinky above my… d**k ^o)… Ok nevermind.

I hold my sanwa stick in a similar manner I hold a pen to write. I put my thumb on top of the ball for additional leaverage. When it comes to wrestlers, especially when I’m trying to execute Hugo’s Gigas Breakers, I hold the ball of the stick the same way I hold a girl’s breast.

You guys sure have good examples :rofl: .

I’m getting all the time more and more adapted to Daigo’s style as in physichal matter.

Did you guys have any trouble on how to find a comfortable way to hold your stick when you got your first one? And if you didn’t, did you just go on with the painful style and finally get used to it?

My main stance is the Pen Hold.
I do this since the NES Advantage.

I tried others like the Wine Glass Hold and the Shift Lever Hold and more.
However I keep coming back at the Pen Hold.

Nowadays I use a Saulabi which sports a bat type joystick and still use the Pen Hold.
I put my thumb and index finger on the thickest part of the stick.

Maybe this article will inspire you: