Need tips on how to hold a stick

Seems very interesting, the thread!

Nice grips, even though it’s missing the style that Daigo uses. I’m still learning japanese, so I’m not so familiar with Hiragana or Kanji typing yet, otherwice I’ll be reading the whole thread!

It’s very interesting, the style where he puts his hand upside down and puts the stick between middle & ring finger. Good style, but I just can’t pull out moves like that… Maybe because of lack of experience or something, don’t know.

I think it is Hong Kong style.
I see it there a lot.
Are there more people that can confirm this?

I hold my Happ stick(and all others) like a pencil.

Index, middle, and thumb around stick, with my remaining two fingers resting on the side with the rest of my hand.

As much as you love Daigo, you should really go with whatever’s comforatble with you. From there it’s just a matter of putting in the days / months of practice.

I used to hold it with little finger and ring finger tucked in.
I currently hold it with no fingers tucked in. Imagine making a letter C with your hand.
The transition took a few weeks before I was able to consistently dp again.
Made the transition because it was more comfortable for me playing in P-Groove.

We should make some How to hold joystick guide with photographs.
Where the common joystick holds are represented.
And give everything nice names, so we are like Capcom’s Naming Team.

  • Pencil Hold
  • Wine Glass Hold
  • Boob Hold
  • Rub Clitoris Hold

I am not sure how to call JubeiNinja69’s hold.
Phallus Hold?

I got inspired by this:

I totally agree with you on that! Let’s do that! The current examples sound a little wrong though, even though they sound so correct at the same time :wink:

We could gave the joystick holds two names, main name and pet name.

Who got photogenic hands and got all sorts of joysticks?
Who can write so detailed that everybody knows what it is without a photograph?
And there is the pros and cons thing that in time will be more complete.

If I ever get my site up, I’ll probably add some photographial guide about that. I’m not familiar with sticks, but I do have one. So with the help of others I could probably make few quick tutorials and add the source of who’m I got the information from.

in virtua fighter 5, i almost slap my stick. I’m really funny about how i hold my stick, i’ll usually use a variation of placing the ball in between my index and middle finger. This way i can easily pull off dashes, and for precise moves like all the 9,7,3,1 attacks that are tricky i’ll usually incorperate my thumb. the trick i find is to not think about how you use your stick and just figure out what works best sub-conciously.

Well, if you have a VSHG it should be very easy on your arm due to the fact that its Sanwa parts. Well, I think the most comfortable way to hold it IMO is to rest your hand around the stick. Looking down on it, my pinky is straight out, ring, middle, and index curved around the top of the ball and thumb on the right side of the ball. I move right with my palm and using my thumb to move left. But then again, thats comfortable to me cause I only use my hand rather than my arm to move so less fatigue. But then again, youre dealing with Sanwa parts. Its not like Korean sticks where it takes effort haha. Light feel those Sanwa parts.

wuts wrong with daigo’s style? How’s it any more damaging to your wrists than any other style?