Need to choose a character~SO HARD!

I’ve been playing 3rd strike for about half a year now

i still haven’t chosen a character i want to play

first i thought of playing KEN or Chun-li but i usually get dissed when playing these characters

then i tried Urien but i just couldn’t do the juggling and charge buffers

and playing low tier characters doesn’t really have a chance at winning tournements

im better with RYU,KEN,Chun-li,Akuma(Gouki)

it’s really hard to choose a character! could someone help me?

Ryu. He doesn’t get dissed is simple (albeit inferior to Ken and Gouki) and doesn’t require anything too complex like charge buffering/unblockables. His kara throw is rather neat as well.

And getting dissed is no reason not to use a certain character…unless you’re playing for the wrong reasons.


What’s your play style? Turtly? Aggressive? Do you like hit confirms? Activated supers? High stun characters? Short? Tall? Big? Small? Man? Woman? Cyborg?

what he said

I agree with Jidda, if you want to play Ken or Chun, screw what everyone else says to you when you play as them.

Since you want to avoid bottom tier, try Makoto out. It’s a lot of risk/reward style play, so if you’re not into that and like to slow the action down, perhaps Makoto isn’t for you, but she can be very fun to play.

I think you should try out Yang, hes surprisingly easy to learn and is pretty damn good. I think Ryu would probably best fit you though, not too hard to learn either and pretty descent.




play Chun/Ken if your starting off and if they bitch just leave because they are obviously too scrubby to improve.

Q, but if it had to be someone from your best then RYU WHY: because no one can whine about ryu and shin shoryuken is awesome


seriously Yun

I mean, you can feel identified with him
yeah, he takes to big lines of coke when he turns on genei jin, watch his hands carefully

they have keys

doesn’t alex need to learn how to do charge buffers?

well your way is also a good way! haha :wgrin:

i might try alex and ryu

the problem with alex might be the back and forth motion i don’t get hte timing right and usually end up just doing a kick same with down and up

is ryu a little to easy to predict??

I think Ken would be a good character to learn. Who cares if you get dissed, its their problem not yours. Ken is a really good character to start using because he is easy to pick up, but also there is a degree of difficulty in ken, where you can start to learn a lot of advance tactics that can apply to other characters as well.

So what im basically saying is…pick Ibuki. Because I use her.

isin’t ibuki’s stun meter to short?? also so doesn’t do much damage :looney:

Actually, you’d be suprised how much dmg Ibuki can do. Sure, it’s been toned down from 2nd impact, but she strings together a couple of decent combos and you’re hurtin:)

ibuki has way to many combos for me to remember= =…