Need to conduct an interview while playing a few matches

Hey, this is kind of a strange request. I’m a 23 year old college student, and I’m working on an end-of-the-semester project for my Developmental Psychology class. Guidelines are as follows: Interview three people from varying generations, in a fashion that allows you to compare your results to five different theorists. Include a unifying goal you would like to showcase. Must include Piaget and Erickson.

My chosen goal is to exemplify the costs of multitasking on threaded cognition. So I’m interviewing people while we play Street Fighter (UMvC3 is also an option).

Two of my interviews are taken care of. Now I’m faced with a challenge, in that I don’t know anyone young enough for me to incorporate Piaget into my paper. I’m turning to SRK for something that usually ends in arrest: I need a young person. No older than 17. My questions are personal, but nothing too deep. While I can’t divulge all of them (the purpose is to answer on the fly), I’d say the most personal one is “What do you think of your current station in life when compared to that of your peers?” I won’t need your name or location. Just your age and occupation. You’ll remain completely anonymous in my paper, and none of it will posted here or anywhere else on the internet. The interview won’t take very long. I’m not that great at SF or Marvel, but I will be trying to win the matches. You’ll be expected to provide answers while we are actually playing, not just between rounds.

I’m playing on 360, and I live on the east coast. Godlike Fios connection. If any of you older posters have children that could be interviewed, that would be ideal (especially if they aren’t very good at the game).


Valuable post. Thanks.

Sounds fun, too bad I’m 22.

if you weren’t he would bad touch you.

Dang. I would do this if I were younger. And played on 360.

It was fun. Ended up churning out a thirteen page paper based off of what I observed, comparing my results to various theories of cognitive and physical development.

The psychological side of fighting games is fascinating. If I were pursuing Psych as a major, I’d probably use it as the topic of all papers in which I was given the option to. I went in aiming to show the effects of multitasking on cognitive ability, but my experiences easily tied into many other theories. It kinda blew my professor away, who seemed skeptical when I told him the plan for my interview process.

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