Need to find bit for Sanwa button holes


The bit size seems to be 1 3/16 inch or 30 mm. Shops don’t seem to sell anything that specialized I was wondering if anyone has found a decent place to order a spade bit like this online.

Or is there another way you are cutting your holes in lexan/plexi for sanwa buttons that I don’t know about? I’ve been using spade bits for it for Happ boxes I’ve made which is a very standard bit size and it works well but the holes for 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 are too small and too big respectively.


or u can try finding companies that do laser cutting and find a template (or make one) and ask them to cut the plexi for u.


Where do you live? I have a couple drill bits that I bought to build a custom that I for sure wont ever be using…Dont have the tools anymore.


use 1 1/4" and then sand or dremel the remainder


1 3/16" and 30 mm on the same page. Scroll down. Great quality.

Also try amazon; amazon 30mm bit #1, amazon 30mm bit #2.

For 24mm buttons do the same searches for 24mm or use a 15/16" bit; same size.


Thanks for the info guys. FunkyP 1 1/4 is too big of a hole. I assume you meant 1 1/8 and then sand it out. That’s a way to do it but I’m working on my 8th stick 4th Dual stick and I need a more permanent solution then sanding that many holes each time. I make a lot of boxes.


Forstners will give you much cleaner holes than spade bits. They generate a lot of torque though, so make sure whatever you’re drilling is clamped down good.


You can find a 30mm Hole Saw at Ace Hardware if you have one near you.


I usually go to woodcraft. Check the site if you have one in your area. If you go to the website you can order 30mm and 24mm forstner bits at


Nice prices on those rt.


Do you know if any of these stores can send these bits to another country?


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