Need to find common ground 360 wired controller in Oz

I need to find a common ground 360 wired controller so I can mod my mate’s VSHG controller so he can use it with both his PS3 and 360. Now I know the newer 360 wireless pads are common ground, I used one in my stick, but the new wired pads have a common line which won’t work as far as I know. I can’t use a wireless pad (for obvious reasons) so it has to be wired.

I’ve read that a lot of people are using the Madcatz/Gamestop branded controllers which supposedly have a common ground setup, but for the life of me do you think I can find one in Australia! I’ve looked online and in bricks 'n mortar shops and nothing at all from Madcatz. It’s like they don’t exist here for some reason.

Does anyone know where I can get one from, or any online shop that isn’t too expensive?

Hey Dreamcaz.

I’ve been searching for months for those common ground Madcatz controllers for my brother a few months back, but with no luck.

If you do get a hold of a couple make sure you drop me an email. I’m looking for you to do this mod for me:


Hey guys, since posting here I found this controller on eBay. From checking on multiple sites (including this one) it looks like it might be appropriate, but it’s a bit hard to find info out on particular model numbers.

Would this one suffice?

btw Huzza, after reading that thread, looks simple enough to do that mod on the HRAP

Yes, can someone please post the model number of the gamestop / madcatz controller that has common ground.

Anyway, I done some searching too and I have found out the Madcatz Joystick type controllers are common ground.

I thought those ones had a CG too, but the only problem is, the PCB is a bit big to fit in some cases and they’re more expensive.

I did a search on the model number from the listing that guy had on eBay and I found this, so it all looks good. If someone could please give me a second opinion and either confirm or deny that this pad has a CG, it would be great. :lovin:

i don’t get it

what’s the difference between common ground and common line

couldn’t you just wire the ground as if they were the line and the line like the ground

also you could just grab a wireless one with a charger and it’ll act like a wired one(except you can connect to anywhere that’s usb and you need an extra button for sync)

If it were a single pad controller than I guess you could use a CL PCB instead (like the new M$ controllers), but as this is going to be a dual setup (360/PS3) God knows how it would react when installed. I don’t want to go to expense of buying a CL controller to find it doesn’t work. Nowhere else have I seen it documented that is works, so it’s safer to stick with what you know.

My friend doesn’t want to go to the expense of using a wireless controller when a wired one will work just as well, if not better.

When the line that is common to all buttons/directions is not ground.

In the case of the CL pads (as I believe RDC has been calling them), that common line is NOT a ground line; it has a voltage of something like 1.8v on them, instead of the 0v you would see on a ground line.

Connecting that 1.8v line directly to the 0v ground line is the very definition of a short circuit. At best, nothing works, at worst you fry components or blow fuses.

Play’n’charge kits do NOT make the controller communicate over the USB cable. They provide power, but the controller data is still sent over wireless.

EDIT: Its over wireless, not USB. Bad Toodles, Bad.

That pad in the picture is confirmed by both Ed-Farias and myself as being common ground. I’ve read that there is another version of the PCB in the same pad that is not, however I’ve never seen it personally and every one of those pads I’ve personally taken apart have been common ground. I’d call it 95% probability that the pcb in that pad pictured will be common ground; the freaky Atari joystick looking MadCatz arcade stick is the only 100% certain pad I know of.

Thanks for the confirmation Toodles. I think I’ll risk it and order one from this dude and hope & pray I get one of the 95% :rofl:

If not I can always sell it off or something.

Madcatz Microns are another good option for a wired 360 PCB. It’s pretty tiny as well.

Just letting everyone know that I got my eBay controller today and this guy’s got the goods. The Madcatz controllers have a common ground PCB in them.

So Huzza, if you wanted to order one (he still has a few), I can have a crack at doing that mod for you when the time comes. :woot:

I can’t find them in search. Other than that 360 Mad Catz arcade’s are the only ones I know with 100% guaranteed common ground.

The earlier models were not common ground, but I don’t think there is a way of telling from just looking at the pad. Once the PCBs started saying Ver C. on them is when the common ground started I believe.

The last 250 or so I have ordered have been common ground.