Need to fix my Hori FS3

So I got the FS3 a few months ago to get in on some HD Remix action. Its been holding up great after 100’s of hours of play. Then last night I was playing SF4 and noticed the focus attack spontaneously released even though I didn’t release the buttons yet. I looked at the input display, and it showed that every now and again if you press the medium punch button at an area around the lower edge, it basically turns the medium punch on turbo and spits out a bunch of medium punches. That’s why my focus attacks were going ape-shit.

I know everyone says to get real buttons and buy sanwa parts and mod it, blah blah. But even if I order the parts, I want to be able to play properly in the meantime.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I haven’t opened up the hori yet, but is it even possible to take out the buttons and clean them or check the contacts inside the buttons?

Any suggestions?

Can’t help, but i have EXACTLY same problem on my Hori Ex2 stick on 360.
Help would be appreciated.

This has happened to be as well, its those crappy Hori parts. I try to hold the FA buttons but they either release too early or don’t work at all.

I just recently (last night) started noticing the same problems.
luckily! parts are cheap and they aren’t toooo difficult to fix(mod) providing you know how to use a soldiering gun.

see this site.
that should have everything you need on it.

you’ll probably like your new and improved stick better anyway.

Yeah. Having read about this, it seems these buttons really are crap. I’ve decided to buy the sanwa buttons (once lizardlick starts accepting orders). Not sure yet if i’m going to do the full mod and replace the joystick with a sanwa as well but, amazing as it is to say this, that $150 madcatz TE stick looks like a bargain right now.

Check out this Youtube tutorial, they get to the part where it shows you how to replace the buttons with Sanwa snap-in buttons OBSF.

[media=youtube]mjme2VLpIpw[/media] The HFS3 thread and I have extra hori buttons if you can solder I can send you one 2-3 days provided your in the USA if that helps until you get your order.

@PHYSH: Thanks for the link. I’m sure i’ll need as much info as I can find as this would be my first mod, and all indications are that its a bit of a pain.

@Rugedman: Thanks for the offer, but I live in Canada. However I just thought about this… don’t you basically have to remove all the buttons to change just one? Because of the way they are soldered to the board it appears that you can’t easily pop out just one button with the board still in place (its like the wii board, not the 360 EX2 board which is out of the way). And even if you could pop out just one button, putting one in and just right so it doesn’t hit the PCB seems a bit risky. Or am I wrong?