Need to get the mechanics down for MvC3

With 2 months away for MvC3 release, I want to get ready to play it. I have MvC2 for XBL and I was wondering if there is any tutorials out there (video/text) that can help me the mechanics/basics down so I can get better.
Ive played MvC2 since dreamcast but I NEVER PLAYED IT, if you know what I mean. I never sat down and learned it properly and just played casually.

Or am I wasting time because MvC3 will be a different game all together? Thanks guys!

The latter…

at this point you wont become a good mvc2 player. but learning little stuff like magic series, wavedashing and tridashes wouldnt hurt

Learn the basic, as Nick mentioned, magic series, wavedashing, tri-dashing, etc. Also learn some strategy, when to rush down and when to play keepaway, when the best time to call an assist is and how to bait an assist, etc.

It’ll be worth it to practice MvC2. Part three will be the same game at the core. Little tweaks here and there and maybe some new stuff, but the skills from the previous will definetly help.

I would also recommend playing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom if you have it. Personally I can’t tell whether the new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is more like it’s predecessor or TvC; it just looks like they’re totally combined. I’m pretty sure there are many aspects of MvC3 that were taken from TvC also.

Just playing MvC2 should be fine though. I mean that’s how I got good in TvC really fast when it was released so it should work the same for MvC3. Sadly I don’t have any or seen any good tutorial videos for MvC2 to share with you. I did purchase all those character guides off Xbox Live though. They were only like 80 Microsoft Points each, but I don’t think they’d help you with basics and core mechanics. They mostly show you the broken stuff, lol.

if you’re really that interested, practice by watching youtube videos. hold your stick and pretend you’re playing, like you’re the one making the moves. it sounds fucking silly but trust me, you’ll gain an understanding. once you actually play the game, your actions won’t be as solid but your ideas on what to do will be. for lack of a better way to say it, you’ll know how to play but you’ll still have to learn how to play. I wouldn’t suggest “learning TvC/MvC2 for MvC3” but that’s my personal opinion.

Thanks for all the input guys, what exactly is wavedashing, tridashes?

All below directionall inputs will be as such: up = u, down = d, forward = f, backward = b

Wavedashing is something that’s in MvC2 more as result of a glitch. Essentially what you’re doing is cancelling a dash with a crouch, and then immediately cancelling that crouch with another dash. It allows for superfast dashing across the entire arena as needed, essentially. The input in MvC2 for it is basically: PP, d~PP, d~PP, etc. a ~ sign implies pressing the first action (d), almost immediately followed by the second (PP). PP = 2 punches, the button command for a dash.

Tridashing I’m assuming he means trijumping which is a short form of triangle jumping, a concept which applies to any character with an 8-way dash. What you do is jump, then immediately airdash down-forward and press an attack button. This grants your character an instant overhead attack that must be blocked high on reaction in a very small window, making it a great pressure tool to start your offense. A basic input for a trijump would be with Magneto for example: u, df+pp~lk.