Need to help some family. Donations?


So my mom fell for the scam. She’s starting to show signs of senility and fell for a scam where she wired people who threatened her with threats of harm. I wish i could do more for her, but i don’t have the funds for all her bills. These pieces of crap convinced her to drain all of her accounts and wire the money to people in india and china under duress.

I already filed police reports and filed complaints with the fbi and the ftc.

Anything helps. I can’t afford to pay all of my mom’s hospital bills. Plese help

I know people donated 10000$ to make potato salad. Why not 4000$ for financial duress

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Gonna need some proof bro


Okay i will link the reference number for the fbi and ftc complaints

Here’s the reference # for the ftc complaints

Complaint Submitted - Your reference number is: 64754156

The fbi one they said is more of a login and update.


Um okay yo.

But real talk this is bad but you know this only the beginning. How old is she? You think she might need to have a caretaker?


Funny you posting this after giving me shit when I posted my begging for help.

I’ll try to throw some cash ur mom’s way when I get home


Barely turned 65 it sucks a lot man she apparently was just going nuts driving to moneygram and western union

I feel bad for my family is going through this at the moment. It was a robbery in all honesty.

I also donated to your friend and that knife guy after the mockery


Sorry to hear about that.

It seems that some of you are serious about wanting to die before old age.


This is not useful as proof.

Try harder.


Hey checking on your loved one’s mental state is a big deal

Check in on you parents, grand parents and uncles/aunts they may have problems they are ashamed of


it would be pretty ironic if a donation drive for a victim of fraud turned out to be fraudulent itself


Yeah gonna need screen shots not just copy in paste man.

You are essentially begging strangers for money so you need to put in a bit more effort.


We had to put my Grandma in a home because they would find her going through garbage when her alzheimer’s kicked in full power, and she legit thought she was grocery shopping. AKA Sonicabid Syndrome.


I hate you so much dab00g.
I’m happy to help out but need to get some proof bro.

@SoVi3t when did you need help?
I totally don’t remember that or i’d have helped out on principle on he who jumps on all hand grenades alone.


Aren’t you like a pharmacist? You should be making bank like my asian wife…


couple days ago…friend of mine with cancer needed a new ride when hers died, and a little assistance catching up with bills. Me and some friends overall took care of it though. She’s good now :slight_smile:


The guy who makes fun of everyone in the selfie thread while being too scared to post any pics of himself and brags about all the non existent bitches that flirt with him in the relationship thread is asking US for help?


hey you know i already have helped them out with money

But damn just wanted to get more thanks to the mom’s whole bank account being drained and $4000 isn’t really much

But hey little superstar continue being shit at st


Still a bit hard to believe that someone like yourself who is prideful would ask for money. You’re a pharmacist, you should be making close to 6 figures easily if not more. I mean if this happen to my parent, i would just have them move in. If your mom health is getting that bad, she should have moved in with you before all this happen. Even if your not making the dough you claim you’re making, just have them move in & take care of them as expected.

If this story is true, then yeah it sucks being defrauded like that. Then again you’re making good money, so its not the end of the world for her.


Got no money for shit. I’m a 34 year old unemployed fuck who goes to school, but I’ll see if I can throw $5 at your mom.


But you’re an architect