Need to identify a doujin game

I saw once a youtube video with some weird doujin game, the title was in jap, the background is like a farm or something, and the fight was between 2 children, a boy and a girl, and the boy had a hat, and both of them had a dog following the character.
Help please XD

World Masterpiece Theater.

You just won an unimaginable number of internets.

In fact im almost very sure that there is a WMT-based game for Fighter Maker 2nd, cant remember the name sadly.

Wait, what?

There’s actually a fighting game based on the WMT shows?

Is Marco a playable character?


this game looks sweet

There’s only three playable characters: [???E???o?g???y??W

Don’t bother with the download link on that page. It doesn’t work. I’d be surprised if anyone managed to find one somewhere on the net.

“Need to identify a hater.” - David Sirlin

I actually saw something that might be a download link in a japanese file sharing service, but it requires a password or something