Need training partner for hdr!



I’m a player that is interested in dramatically improving my SF2HDR skills. If anyone is willing to play me and give me some pointers, that would be great!!! my gamertag is ClearOJ for XBOX live. I should be on for quite some time, so feel free to add me and drop me a message whenever. THANKS!!!


What character do you play?


You’d probably have a better chance putting this in the HDR Matchmaking thread.

See you online!


I will destroy you, and not offer any helpful information. HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! And I will only use Akuma!


I’m just pulling your chain. Welcome to the club. I’ll try to help if I run into you.


Sorry guys, internet has been acting up… I’m currently using Ryu and Chun Li… I’m having trouble deciding who I would rather use


There are MANY more Ryu players than Chun Li players.
In addition, Ryu is generally considered to be a more powerful character than Chun Li.

So it will probably be easier to go with Ryu.

Getting good with a character generally means:

  1. being able to execute that character’s key moves/combos
  2. learning and getting comfortable executing that character’s general strategy vs. each other character

Top level Street Fighter players do not just go for random moves at random intervals.
They are very aware of their character’s strengths and weaknesses vs. the specific character their opponent is playing, they know how to control space in the matchup, they know how to execute the moves they need for that matchup, and they know the exact moves to select and when in order to set-up the game that gives them the most advantage.

Start by watching these videos:

Super SF2 Turbo Beginner Tutorial
(Part 1) [media=youtube]d0cFs5mHQC4[/media]
(Part 2) [media=youtube]OoILSEQL9jE&feature=related[/media]

Super SF2 Turbo Intermediate Tutorial

Super SF2 Turbo Advanced Tutorial

After that you will want to check out the Character sections:

  1. HDR Forum:
  2. Super Turbo Forum:
    Chun Li
  3. HDR Forum:
  4. Super Turbo Forum:

The Hitbox information (of both your character and the character you are fighting):

Watch videos of top players to learn the strategy for each matchup:
Ryu: Ryu Matchups
Chun Li: Chun Li Matchups


so anyone wanna school me now that I’ve been researching and practicing? add me… ClearOJ