Need training partner for UMVC3/AE


I’m looking for someone to train with in UMVC3/AE. I mainly player UMVC3 and I’m decent at it, but at AE I blow and would like someone to help me out with that game since I really wanna learn to play it. I wanna main Cody since he seems the most fun to play (throw a rock at someone, gangsta, hold that down). My main team is Nova/DP/Doom but I’m switching over to DP/Dante/Hawkeye. I really suck with Hawkeye and just picked him up like last night haha. I am not good with Dante since I can’t hit confirm for the life of me but in training mode I have decent damaging combos. Zoning is another problem that I have with Dante. Anyways, just thought I’d let ya know what I wanna work on. Add my GT: skylurK xD.

Any help would be awesome :smiley: