Need training partner!

I’ve been playing fighting games for 3 years now. I was fairly decent at Marvel, but I was ass at SSF4, and I’m probably gonna be ass in this game, but I wanna be better and I thought training partners might be a good idea.

I play on xbox, gamertag is Bognaughty.

If anyone is interested just let me know, we’ll work out times where we can start training!

I’m pretty new to the SF series, so I could definitely use some sparring. My GT is EvilNonsense.

I wouldn’t mind having someone to train with. I play on 360 GT is PinoyApostle, just message or friend me.

I’m in the same boat as you and so I need some people I can practice with too. My GT is Rune Ocarina.

i could use the practice aswell still trying to get use to it GT: commandoCheesen

Cool, I’ll send you an invite sometime today. Rune and I have been fighting fairly regularly, but we could use some new people to go against.

Yeah i am down

GT - vip2 skema

Hit me up if your on after 1030pm central. Although I dread playing with that sound glitch again haha. Volume - 0
Gt- ishadow reaperi