Need Vewlix Artwork with Vewlix Button Layout



im luigi from germany!

can somebody help me? im building an arcade-stick with the vewlix button layout. now i need the original red vewlix layout. i found one here in the forum, but it was for another stick with a different button layout. i tried to create on with photo shop
but i failed.

can somebody help me?

sorry for my english


Do you mean the image or the button lay-out?

Templates for button lay-out on Slagcoin’s site:

The picture by shubacca is here:


im searching for the image with the vewlix buttons-template

because shubakas is for the hori stick and the hori has a different button layout.

i hope you understand what i mean?!?!?


Can someone move this to Tech Talk?

I understand your sentences but is it what you mean?

The image made by shubacca is meant for customized control panels for a Hori joy stick,
which means that it uses the Taito Vewlix lay-out.
You can even move items around from that template to make it more personal.

This is the Taito Vewlix button lay-out including image on an Hori joy stick:

Taito Vewlix (Capcom version), picture by

That is what Vocal Ninja is doing,
people can order a customized control panel for their Hori joy stick.
So they can have any lay-out on it like the Taito Vewlix.

The Taito Vewlix button lay-out templates by slagcoin are here: 96 ppi 100 ppi 300 ppi


oh that is what i was searching for :rofl:

i printed it in the wron dimension :rolleyes: so i thought it is a different
button layout

thank you for your help


It is all OK.
Please post the joy stick here when you are finished:
If you can that is.


ok ill do it:wgrin:



so i modified the shubacca template

here it is

you like it?



Good vewlix work on that vewlix stick. This vewlix thread has made me vewlix happy.



my stick is almost finished




Hi, does anyone has the actual template for the real Vewlix? trying to change mine’s color but can only find variations of the real art.