Need your help on some tut ideas!

Wassup guys. I recently did a tut on how to do Guile’s FAD into Super/Ultra and put it in the threads. It has got some good feedback from not only members of these threads but people on youtube who don’t know about the knowledge that gets passed via these message boards. With that in mind, I was thinking about doing some more tuts to try and help more Guile players in general. This is my first time playing SF seriously but I have put in a WHOLE lot of time practicing and a lot of time researching and finding this out via these boards since the games release. I’m saying that to say that I know how challenging it can be to raise your skill level at this game, especially if you don’t have any type of direction, and especially if this is your first time playing a SF game on a serious level.

So my question to you fellow Guile players is, what would be some good tuts to do that would help Guile players get better?

Just to give you all an idea of some things I was thinking about putting together I’ll make a small list of ideas I had for tuts.

  1. The advantages of p-linking/plinking/kara linking… Whatever you want to call it.

  2. A back to the basics tut just showing what you should and should not be doing as a Guile player. Things like standard/advanced punishes, standard anti airs, effectively using back dashes, spacing, things like that.

  3. A corner pressure combo vid.

Ok, these are some of the ideas I had. Let me just say that I’m not a Dagger_G or anything like that, but I’m confident in the my practice habits and I believe I’m a pretty damn solid Guile player (No gimmick shit). I just wanted to make that clear so nobody will think that just because I’m trying to do tuts I’m an amazing Guile player. But any feedback bad or good would be helpful guys. Thanks in advance.

I think 1 and 3 are nice, and an in depth version of 2 would be really good if you could do something along the lines of that one Chun vs Balrog tutorial that was posted on iplaywinner recently ( ).

IF you can the inputs(shortcuts) on an arcade stick for the bnb’s and such, im new to charge chars : -( but not totally noob:sweat:
and the rest what u said is great ! looking forward to it

That’s a nice vid. I’ve played OneHandedTerror online a couple of times and his Chun is very solid.

All the above would be fantastic and very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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hmmm, have a video on hot how do to s.hp, fk. This should be the standard punish against any wiff shoriukens or any level 2-3 fa not in corners.

I agree 100%. I was already planning on doing this but thanks for pointing it out. The first vid I’m working on is the Guile basics vid and the S.FP>FK is going to be in the standard punishes portion of that vid. I’ll probably do a how to video on it once I’m done with the basics vid though because that shouldn’t take long to explain. Nice tip.

I think a good tutorial for the intermediate Guile players would be to know which AAs are viable/good against which characters.

Mind you, it’s a very long process to get everyone down, but I think having it down for shotos would suffice for the most part. Then again, one could argue that there are no AAs against shotos… they stuff everything! lol

first, explain which characters are shotos… I know already but the new guys maybe dont

Yeah I get my flashkick stuffed ryu’s j.rh almost all the time, I thinks it better to use c.fp or just focus and dash back.

I like this idea. I already put up my video of the very basics of Guile and it’s getting some good feedback. I will probably add the viable AA’s thing in the next one just for those pesky shotos. And just to help if anyone doesn’t already know. S.MK work like a charm against shotos with big hit boxes on their J.RH’s… Trust me on this one. All you have to do is get the range down on it and you are good to go. I use it all the time.

i would go with number 2 also with an in depth look at teching the most annoying throw strings (ryu, ken, chun, bison ect)

I second the AA idea. So many time I get caught doing the wrong AA, or even knowing when to do it (to early, to late etc.)

Another good one, although kind of tough to do, would be to show how to be an offensive type Guile other than just sitting back all the time and turtling (<— my problem)

Does the work on far jump in? I THINK it works with at around sweep range.

I think one of the most important things you need to learn for an offense type of Guile (i.e. GeoM), is to get your execution down to a bloody science. As everybody knows, Guile applies pressure best while the opponent is in the corner, so if you’re able to get those BnB combos and 1-frame links down pat, you’re already, I would say, 80% there. The other 20% comes from mind games…

Yes you are right. It works great on shotos at about sweep range, maybe a little further. I’m pretty sure it is.

I was thinking about this one too. I struggle with this as well sometimes. It’s really easy to get caught up in the defensive mindset with Guile because of his charges. You are constantly giving up ground, even if it is a little bit so that kind of forces you to zone and be a little more defensive than you need to. I have played about 20 or so matches in the past month against GeoM MoDInside who is like the best Guile on XBoxLive, no offense to anyone. But this guy uses Guile like a rush-down Ryu at times. He is really good. I think more people will learn about him soon because he is gong to EVO. Anyway, like someone mentioned, execution is a key,. Another idea that I was tossing around in my head concerning this was trying to keep the mindset that “Guile can attack with out charging”. I thought about this because sometimes I play with Honda and a lot of times I’'m moving forward and pressuring with no charge. I just need to try and take some of that and apply it to Guile I think. I would really have to make sure I put something together that was legit if I did a video showing how to be aggressive with Guile though because I would hate to inform players of something wrong. Great idea man! I’m definitely going to look into doing this one and others.

SonicFlash122 I was thinking of doing the same kind of thing with the Tuts… I made a couple of basic ones explaining Tech Throws and a few Option Selects… How about we make sure not to step on each others toes. I’m thinking on working on a Stuffing Reversals and when to attempt Option selects also thinking of tiering and common matches up to help out some folks. What are your thoughts ?

Here is my intro that I made a few minutes ago [media=youtube]s2a6eBocnKs[/media]

Thanks for your Time,

Guile most definitely is a viable offensive character without charging. His pokes are very good - even if comes out like ooze and his cross up sucks balls. If he did a bit more damage on his normals, he would be such a beast regardless of charging. Strong normals would make him a beast. The boom is like the cherry on top.

Edit: To get good with execution, you need practice.

I agree. Nice intro man. I like all those ideas you have for videos. Right now I don’t think we have any that would conflict with each other but I will try and keep in touch with you on youtube just so we can make sure that it doesn’t happen. You vids look pretty good to man. Thanks for looking out.