Need your input on a building a new stick (imagine that) :)


Hey there buds,

I had a Razer Atrox for quite a while and recently sold it. Just looking for something new. Got to thinking about possibly building a stick…

Here is what I’m looking at, need your thoughts:

  • Brook board with Sound
  • Panzer 3 case? Love it but its $$
  • Ls-58 stick? I’m used to JLF but didn’t like the long throw

I need some ideas boys, get my juices flowing.


Welcome to SRK Tech Talk! Jasen’s Panzer 3 or an AllfightSticks case are both nice options.

oh and… LS-40 or go HOME!


Holy crap! AllfightSticks is in Chico, CA?! I’m right here, do they have a storefront?? nice!

#4 He’s also up on SRK too.
@Allfightsticks can help you build your dream stick.


Don’t think they have a store. But you can shoot those guy an email to see can you pick it up locally. PanzerFightstick is worth every penny


Now I need to decide between a Hitbox and a Stick…ugh, lol.


[EDIT:] you guys meant by “store,” a PHYSICAL (walk-in) store?? Well I’ve paid all my invoices to “PCI Computer Services,” so perhaps there really IS a storefront. Sorry @oodk , I’ll turn my douchebag setting down to “stun.”


Personally I prefer the LS-56 to the 58. They’re identical save for the spring (56 is stiffer) and the colours they’re available for purchase in (58s can come in clears with bubbletops). You could get a 58 in w/e colour and replace it with a 56 spring.


+1 on the Hitbox. Hitbox is the best method of controlling characters in fighting games in my opinion. Once you get used to it, it’s awesome. I still play on stick every once and a while, just because I don’t want to lose the skill. But when playing seriously I play on my Panzer 3 Hitbox…