Need Your Opinion


Alright i want to know something and maybe you guys could help me out, I can’t afford an arcade stick at the moment so im stuck with the Xbox 360 controller ( im on pc ) the d-pad really sucks so i use the analog stick, which is ok but sometimes it makes me jump when i dont want to, im thinking of getting a PS3 controller instead but is it any better than the xbox controller for this game? well the d-pad on it? could you let me know please, oh and dont tell me to buy an arcade stick or some mad catz controller i just want to know is the ps3 controller better or should i stick to the xbox 360 controller for now?


ps3 controller is a huge upgrade over xbox controller


Yeah the d-pad on the PS3 controller is a lot more comfortable and easier to keep control of than 360’s imo. For non-fighting games I even use the PS controller with a converter on some of my 360 games.


Both are good, if you get random jumps with xbox pad then it’s your own fault.


Why spend money on a different controller if you intend to eventually go with a stick? You can find sticks with Sanwa parts for around $100 on Amazon, so you’re looking at something like a $60 difference.


ps3’s dpad might be better then the xbox 360’s



Ps3 dpad isnt better if you buy the silver controller. It has a upgraded dpad compared to the default xbox controllers. I saw someone win a mortal kombat tournament with one.

The dpad is pretty amazing.


that looks sick


can an admin either lock or delete this thread please as i have decided in getting a PS3 controller so its no longer needed, Nice 1!