Needed some suggestions for my MVC2 Team


i usually like playing the heavyweight fighters and am not sure really who the best heavies in MVC2 really are…

so i would like some suggestions of characters to try out when i get the game next week on psn


Sentinel is arguably (very arguably) the best character in the game. Blackheart’s pretty good with the proper assists, and Juggernaut is also okay with the Juggernaut glitch. These three are the heaviest characters in the game. Blackheart does not have super armor.

The Hulk is lighter than those three, but heavier than the rest; I can’t say anything about him because I’ve never played as him, nor have I ever seen anybody use him well. I do believe he has super armor.

Thanos and Zangief have the heavyweight feel, but they’re among the worst characters in the game.

The rest of the characters weigh the same. My weight conclusions came from ROM infiniting them with Magneto.


so looks like sentinel blackheart and juggernaught would be a good start eh?


I think if you’re gonna use Blackheart, you’ll need a good AAA like Captain Commando.


For a starter team, BH/Jugg/Sent is actually pretty good. You’re forced to use Sent’s projectile assist though if you want to be able to combo anything with BH on point. Besides that, you can switch between Jugg’s three assist depending on the style of play you plan on doing with BH on point.


Your Sentinel will be strong on point, but Blackheart needs an anti-air assist to reach his full potential. Yeah it’s a good starter team with ridiculous power, but the flaws are still there. I honestly think if you want to play as heavyweights, then you’ll have a lot of fun with that team.


I don’t think BH needs an AAA actually. But if you feel like you’re not zoning good with this team, you can use Jugg’s splash assist. It works as a pretty damn good anti air. I think I might play this team for the hell of it lol


thanks for the help guys
once MVC2 Hits The PSN
I’ll be hitting up online and playing with B.Heart/Jugg/Sent


anything else i should know?


Use Jugg’s variety for an overhead, and a pseudo anti-air assist. Juggernaut goes pretty high, and with Sent and BH, his other assists aren’t so useful.

and make sure BH is on anti-air assist.

Also last and most importantly, don’t doublepost :tup:


Hulk and juggs play a very similar game… cept hulk has more options and fancier cancels… while juggs just lays out more dmg on a per hit basis… hulk is quicker…

if you try hulk and really learn him… it can be a rich experiance. Most of his normals that seem to have long recovery can be canceled into a variety of different supers… that can then be cancel’d into a variety of hypers… all hulks hypers hit really hard and have at least a couple ways to connect out of normals and supers…

Barring sent I think hulk is the best heavy in the game… but he also takes more time and Patience than simply waiting for the right moment to do a glitched headcrush and waste yer opponents… so juggs might be a bit better for noobs…

Shall we not forget about colossus? I don’t know him super well… but suffice it to say youtube + search for “vdo” and you can learn a thing or three about the metal man.


if you use jugg try to learn how to do his glitch but im not sure if they kept it plus try to use hulk or colossus as well


Yeah that’s who I forgot, Colossus. He’s not a true heavyweight, since he falls as fast as most of the cast, but I’ve seen some players use him very well. Yes, the Juggernaut glitch is definitely still in the game.

Power up and switch out; it’s that simple.


I dont want to make a new thread for this question, but who goes good wit omega red and akuma.

Or what two would go good wit Omega red and what two would go good with akuma. Thanks in advance


If you wanna go for power, go with Colossus, Juggernaut, Tron Bonne. You won’t have a great anti-air, but that means you’ll just learn to block better.

Sent is not really meant to played as a “heavyweight” in the traditional sense. His real game is with fly/unfly rushdown, mixups, and chip damage.

And Blackheart just can’t really do big damage. He’s more of a zoning character.

For sheer power go with Colossus/Juggs/ and I just put in Tron cuz of the damaging assist. Personally I use Thanos for the bubble, but since you are new, learning to combo with assist comes later…



would that work out?