Needing a modded version of this pad


Hi guys. I have a quick question,
I have been using[this]('$(KGrHqR,!k4E-P(MwBCmBPu5wwlLng~~60_12.JPG’) pad for the last 2 months and i can say that its very comfortable, however, i would like to have the button LT (on top of the pad), near the RT button, because its sooo much better/comfortable for me, and i would like to use the left hand just to move the stick and nothing else.
Is there any way to do this? Any tutorial or something that i can see?
Im a total noob at this kind of stuff, so if there’s a modder here that can do this for me, i would totally buy it.

Thanks in advance.


Between the tight space inside the pad, no clear button geometry, and the need for case modification, I’d consider it a pretty advanced mod. It’s not the sort of thing that’s commonly done.


Oops, nevermind.
I looked wrong, my Post no longer apply.

Maybe he just wants to keep the 6-button.
Cutting the LB Trace and routing to LT.

I think that is what Carter wants.
Which is easy for any Modder to do.