Needing An Avatar Of Iori please?

Is there neone that is interested in making me an Iori Avatar? I would really appreciate it, I think Iori is one the sickest looking SNK characters!:eek:

i’ll take this request guy’s hehe:evil:

you just requested from me like a few days ago follow the ruoles are you a noob or something dont you know your suposed to wait 2 weeks to request again and im still working on your av and now that youve gon and done this shit im d3ebating on whether or not to make you an avatar at all in fact im not gonna make you one so dont ask and by the way i think you still have to wait 2 weeks so sod off:lame: seth you use paint dont even try to make avs oh i see you are a member of the black dragons now your still av whoring didnt you just request from tmt and now your av whoring with the black dragons oh my god you are so fucking :lame: you should be beaten with a bag of hammers till you are bloodier than a 12 yr old girls pussy when shes pmsing

Or when R Kelly’s done with her. :wink:

BTW Honda, is that the guy from Static X in your avatar, or Finger Eleven? They both look the same. :frowning:

here you go hehe:evil:

seth is really gey

i mean come on he uses mspaint for his “art tagzz”

'tis true.



If you want my oppinion that av SUCKS

its supost to:D

hey guys get it i changed his quote to be insulting to him

how witty am i, EH?!


why the fuck do you make them then dick head… thats just means people who really can make avs/tags dont get them… when most likely they want them… i would have taken this.

stop taking requests until you get somewhat good

rObOtNiK - get off ytwojay’s balls, dont copy what hes done… atleast make something original

dark giygas its the guy from static x wayne static is his name and nobody make thist striderdoom 82 guy an avatar for two weeks he violated the rules he needs to pay the price

Draig - get off ytwojay’s balls, dont copy what hes done… atleast make something original

Damn its like hate central up in here everyone hating on everyone why cant we all just get along

:evil: no