Needing help finding a decent Fight Stick that works for both PS3 maybe PS4 and PC

Very first post on the SRK Forum and I apologize in advance if there is readily available info about this stuff somewhere already that I do not know of. So basically my problem is as I put in my title. I recently purchased SSFIV on Steam and your standard game pads just aren’t cutting it for me. I did some research and found that most Xbox360 ready sticks would probably be the easiest way to go as far as PC gaming goes but seeing as I own a PS3, that’s just out of commision atm, I would try to buy a stick that would possibly work for PC and PS3. As far as price range goes I don’t want to low ball it as I do appreciate better craftsmanship and premium parts etc. etc., I actually had my eyes on the Mad Catz® Arcade FightStick™ KE for PS3 at one point because it looked like a pretty comfortable setup with it’s Crown Lever set up and Sanwas for example, but nothing was set in stone or anything as I couldn’t find any info to whether it would be compatible for PC anyway, but I’d probably be willing to pay probably around $150 or so. I think maybe the biggest catch would be that I wouldn’t want to have to run 3rd party programs and stuff just to get my setup to work. If you guys have any suggestions or prior experience it would be awesome. Thank you and Sorry about the big ole wall of text!

KE for PS3 works on PC but not on AE.

As for PS4 compatibility, you’re going to have to padhack a DualShock 4 for that.

Sweet thanks for the response! If anybody ends up having any positive experiences with any other fight stick please let me know.

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