Needing help to find home button on xbox one TE2 stick to finish out brooks pcb mod


Sup everyone. this should be an easy question to answer for th experts here.

I have the xbox one te 2 stick and in the final stage of my mod swap to the brooks pcb. it had to be my last button that i have issues find.

The home button / leds/ lock/ heptic section has its own set of wires one the xbox one -main-rev0.4 pcb stock inside the KI stick.

i have search the net to see if they have that out line. my other buttons to the brooks pcb are fine since i have the pc to test those buttons but since the ps/home button dont show up
in the usb controllers tool in windows its been alot of trial and error.



The signal wire for the Home Button is the 3rd wire of the ribbon from the left.
And the Ground wire is the 4th.

I have personally wired the 1st and 2nd wire to L3 and R3.


To avoid trial and error testing, you can see which buttons are which in JoytoKey, as the newest one has Xinput support. The Xbox home key should show up as button 13.
This is on the X360. I assume the Xbox One has the exact same assignments. You can set joytokey to show all buttons and all axes (8 way+pov x4), which will also show the trigger buttons and axes (you will get 2 inputs per trigger button).


How does your project doing ? Have you finished it yet ?


ive been doing the same ive got 2x xbox one te2’s one ive kept original the other gutted it painted the sides new art ready for the brook board im going to get, i had a similar problem with the top panel but i took it out and ran a multi meter to find the points to run wires off for you you could either cut the ribbon cable and solder wires to the ribbon or in my case i had a knackered logitech wheel that got butchered for pcb parts and used 4 female pins with wires and hot glued them in that way if it dont work you still have the ribbon to work with.
p.s how are you connecting the usb cable are you using the original disconectable cable or are you going another route