Needing Help with <-(Charge), -> + Atk and Down charge into Up attack


I’m actually having some problems, I seem to not really know how to do charge moves consistently. I see people such as the Shuma users using things like Mystic Stare or Mystic Ray after an air or grounded state (Ray is OTG I believe), but I’m just awful at doing charge moves during a combo. I can sort of do them on their own, but I feel like I have to “Charge” back or down for quite a while to do them.

Has anyone had troubles doing these in the past and got over them? I’ve pretty much aced Hadoukens, DPs, and half-circles in all directions, but the charge moves always prove hard as-is for me, especially during combos where they seem to register so quickly. How does the game “register” it as a charge move?

I’m sort of an amateur coming into this, but training quite a bit to try and get good. I was never fortunate enough to get to go to the arcades much, but now I finally got a Hori RAP3 for my PS3, and I can play catchup at trying to get good at it XD

You have to get used to snapping the stick back (or down) pretty much instantly as soon as you do anything where you can hide the input. As an exercise, try super jumping, pulling the stick down straight away and releasing the charge when you land. Just keep doing it, experiment with it and find out the charges limits. Then when you’ve got used to that, instead try a launcher, hold the stick down and do a combo, then release the charge when you land… Just take it slowly and practice it in parts. If you’ve never been used to it, it’s going to take a while, but soon enough you’ll get a feel for it, just give it some time and it’ll become as second nature as the rest of the motions you’ve been practicing.

Cool thanks, I figured it would be a matter of just practicing for hours in the danger room :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s part of the reason I have trouble super jumping as well XD

A lot of it probably has to do with the toons I’ve practiced on, where I haven’t needed “Charge” moves. Shuma sort of inspired me to do it, and I realized (more-so) that there’s still a lot to learn, lol.

If you’re really struggling, play Alpha or SFIV or something, pick Charlie/Guile and practice doing jump in combos with flash kicks at the end. It’s basically the same principle of retaining the charge as soon as you jump and inputting commands while the charge is being held.

Thanks for that btw, I figured out at least part of my problem. The “instantaneous” second direction probably wasn’t being input in fast enough on my end. Also super jumping is a lot easier after playing a bit more with that.

I’ll have to boot up the emulator and try out some of the older stuff you suggested too.

I’ve found it’s not too picky either actually. You can crouch block and still do something like a mystic ray so long as you aim to hit the opposite corner quickly during the block.

I know exactly how you feel. It’s deffinately a technique that becomes extremely advanced once you push it to it’s limits. Things like consecutive tackle combos with Urien in 3S, I still have trouble with. I believe they call it quick charge or fast charge, something to that effect, I don’t really remember I’m not a charge character player. Sounds like you’re getting it though, I think in MvC3 stuff like this wont be too troublesome.

Do mission 10 it needs the charge and then combo after that