Needing help...



im a newbie here, i’m just having trouble using a shouken in the middle of combos, like after a cr.HP or anything really, the shouoken never comes out, its always a hadoken, i’ve tried the shortcut a friend told me (double tapping df) but it never comes out, im only a controller, xbox 360, i have an arcade stick it just doesn’t feel right for me, so hard to do anything on the stick


Do df, d df instead of df df .
Also of course stick is hard, since you’re not used to using one. Only way to get better at it is to just practise the motions over and over again. What this means is just go into training mode and for example do a fireball motion until you can do it 30 times in a row then do it on the other side, and repeat this for every motion. Once you can do that start doing combos until you can do them at least 10 times in a row and repeat for other side.