Needing seimitsu LS-32-01 shaft dimensions



i’m looking for dimensions of Seimitsu LS-32-01 shaft. the stock shaft dimensions and relative dimensions when assembled (things like the amount of shaft protruding from the bearing, length from the mounting plate etc).
sketch or a drawing will be nice along with some photos showing how each parts go together.
i would measure it myself if i had one now but i don’t have one at the moment.
I have made a quick drawing off of the photo i found online and numbered the dimensions 1 through 10. You can measure #2 or #3, i do not need both. i realized taking diameter #3 may be difficult and #2 is likely easier to measure. you can list the dimensions by text here or add on to the photo. I just need additional dimensions of the length from the mounting plate to the tip of the shaft at least. I’m looking for dimensions to make a modified shaft from a scratch so measurements need to be take at least with decent caliper good for +/-.005”. Measurements in Inch or Metric doesn’t matter as long as it is stated.

Thanks for the help.


Honestly you are better off getting a extra shaft and doing the measurements yourself.