Needing some advice on a 360 stick

I’ve been looking through forums for the past few days trying to filter out the good from the bad and through all of the searching I’ve found almost nothing of the advice I was looking for: thus this post.

I am looking for an arcade stick with quality comparable to at least the MAS sticks (used those for marvel play). Having convex buttons with a good bit of sensitivity is an obvious thing to look for, but finding a market stick that fits the bill is tough.

I’m looking to spend somewhere around $100.00 if anyone has a good recommendation for me? My other friend is grabbing the Hori EX 2 but I have heard bad things about the buttons sticking over time.

why don’t you just buy a mas stick for 360? and good luck with only $100 because a hori ex2 is the only stick you will get with that much unless you come across a cheap custom.

If you want an American style 360 stick (Happ buttons and a p360/iL Comp), your only options are paying $170 for one from Arcade in a Box, modding your MAS to work with the 360, or building/buying a custom. Modding your MAS would probably be the best option.

…It’s kinda funny how the 360 has more Japanese sticks available for it than American ones.

It’d be difficult to find a quality joystick for around $100 unless you’re building one yourself. The combined cost of parts to build one yourself will be close to $100, let alone labor cost.

I made a few sticks.

Let me know what you think. Is this near the quality you’re aiming for?