Needing some help!

Alright guys, I’ve been playing UMvC3 since release. i picked up vanilla for about 2-3 weeks before Ultimate came out. freaking love it first of all. But on to the real issue at hand.

Right now I’m running Capt. America(Shield Throw)/Nova(Centurion rush)/…
This is where i need your guys help. who do you guys think should fill that last slot. I’m not really bent on the order of my team. I’m fairly proficient with both cap. and Nova. I would love to put Phoenix in as an anchor. one of the many reason is her TK shot assist, making use of this assist to give Cap a safe roll.

as for my playing style its not a rush down game, its more of a precise wait for an opening or the opportunity presents itself create an oppening using ranged moves such as shield throw or energy javelin.

if phoenix doesnt seem like a viable choice for this team or my play style who do you think should be the third member of the team. I’ve been messing around with Taskmaster (H. Arrows) yet once again to cover caps role and nova’s air dash, or Dr. Strange (Daggers). any input?

If your style is not rushdown then Phoenix probably isn’t the best choice. UMVC3 really changed her range game, mainly with the fact that the tracking TK shot not being so good now. Taskmaster is good in any slot you put him and his assist is really good. Hawkeye would be a better anchor than Strange IMO. Doom and Sentinel are also viable options since they have great assists. Based off of the brief description of your play style, I would say any of the four (Task, Hawk, Doom, Sent) would make for a good anchor on your team. Frank West’s assist is VERY good with Nova, but IDK if he’d fit your playstyle and I’m not entirely sure how he’d play with Cap.

Thanks a ton, do u play on xbox or playstation? If your on xbox anf wouldnt mind hopping on sometime to okay a couple games it would really help Meh out. I feel like I’m at the point in my game where improvement is going to come in the form of extending combos and adapting to different situations. I’d love to be able to transition from my current play style To a rushdown game I just haven’t had the confidence in an anchor to try it out yet.

My gamertag is saintdavidrocco if you wouldn’t mind grinding out a few matchs.

Brok3n Kibbles on Xbox. But I play a lot on psn. I don’t mind playing, but I’m not really that good at the game. HA! I’m a casual player. Just don’t expect tourney play out of me. :wink:

yo i’m running wesker haggar phoenix i mean why not? that team is soo good
i was thinking wesker iron man phoenix or wesker doom phoenix & even wesker magneto phoenix which of those 4 are the best?