Needing to buy a cable modem and a wireless router

My roommate at my university is moving out, and the modem and wireless router were his. I need to buy ones to have for the upcoming semester, so I was wondering if there are any recommendations.

I plan on connecting a Wii, a Xbox360, and my HP laptop that is running Vista.

I’ve been looking up various reviews, and have been looking into models that combine both the router and modem functions, but the reviews so far for those have been pretty mixed.

So any recommendations would be appreciated.

I’m going to assume it’s a DSL connection?

Billion make some of the best ADSL2+ modem/routers on the market, producing some of the highest speeds per kilometre from the exchange of any manufactuer.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’d steer clear of D-link.

No it’s a cable modem that I’m in search of.