Needles and pins in hands while using stick

Does anyone else get this? This always happens to me after a few matches against people. I guess it’s a minor adrenal rush, and I get needles and pins in my hands, and have to stop playing for a good five minutes.

Apparently, not many people share this annoyance with me, but I would like to know if anyone else gets that when playing on a joystick or at the arcade, because I do all the time. If so, do you have a means to avoid it, or a solution?

The way my custom joystick is built, it doesn’t really allow for me to cut off circulation when playing either.

pins and needles is called neurapathy and from what ive read it is common for diabetics

could also be Carpal tunnel

just a thought. might wanna ask a doctor

Just gonna second what Domz said.
I was thinking the same thing. Get a check up from a doctor.

Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. Go see a doctor.

sounds “very” serious you shouldn’t be getting pain after only a few matches

You didn’t specifically mention pain, so I assume it doesn’t actually hurt.
Does it happen all the time, or just when you’re way too excited about a match? It’s not unheard of for crazy-hype to make your extremities feel tingly. (No joke!) :looney:

Rule deadfrogs theory out by playing in training mode using Twelve whilst daydreaming about algebra.
If you get pins and needles, your either mad kinky on maths and crap characters or you need to see a doctor :smile:

I really lol’d there.

shin00bi: I’d personally see a doctor. I haven’t heard of anyone who gets that everytime they play. The cases I’m used to seeing is when a person is new to using a stick, he feels pain when playing too much. But this usually stops happening fairly quickly.

Change your hold. I got nasty wrist pain from trying to use wineglass. It just wasn’t natural for me.

Wow, alright. I’ll ask a doctor about it.

If I use a gamepad, I only get muscle soreness (from never using it for fighting games anymore, and suddenly trying to).

It’s not particularly painful, just a case of needles and pins, or neurapathy? I suppose.


I used a gamepad many time but I’ve a problem my tumble finger pain. what’s about joystick. more likey risk than gamepad. If long throw move stick is more pain than short throw. A japan stick is short throw. A Happ stick is long throw movement.

What do you do between rounds? Do you continue to hold the stick and press buttons as if you were playing?

To avoid blistering on a pad, I use the end of my shirt, and put that over my thumb. I generally avoid the d-pad whenever I can though. It’s just not me anymore.

When I’m at the arcade, I will use the Happ/iL stuff. Anywhere from light to medium springs. But when I’m at home, I use my preferred Seimitsu, ls-32, along with Happ Competition buttons. I can post a pic of my useable stick when I get home, I guess.

I always rest my hands afterwards. Especially if I win, since I don’t have to hit continue or w/e. It’s the back-to-back matches that get me. Like if I win when I play casuals with friends, (i don’t have to pass the controller to someone else), or lately, I’ve been trying my hand at GGPO, and of course, it’s always back-to-back even if you lose. I don’t press more buttons than I have to, between matches.

I can also rapidly tap buttons. You know, sort of make my hand vibrate to get the equivalent of turbo (minor charge-up period). I do that sometimes, depending on the need.

Instead of resting them, try doing little hand and wrist exercises and stretches. Even though it would only be for a few seconds, I find that for myself at least it helps a lot. It’s like keeping them warmed up for the next game. I don’t get that “pins and needles” feeling, but I do get pretty bad cramping in my right hand due to breaking it a few years back and never having gone to a doctor about it :confused:

Or, you could check the wiring. haha

It would help if you could show us how you hold it.

Yeah, it sounds like you’re holding the stick fucked up and it is somehow cutting off circulation to your hands. Try different joystick positions or something. If that doesn’t work, or if it ever gets worse, go to the doctor.