Needs help picking a character to start off with


im sick of losing all the time. i think i need to find a character i can learn to use effectivly. a balanced character or one whos moves and playstyle are more defensive. any ideas please help.qcf::3p:


This all assumes you’re talking about SFIV:

Ryu is pretty much the most balanced character in the game, and he’s adaptable to a defensive or offensive gameplay style. I recommend to most people just starting out to give Ryu a whirl for a while, and then move on to another character you’re interested in if he’s not your style.

If you’re really shooting for defensive, Guile is really solid that way but you’re going to have trouble against some characters. Rose, I believe is another defense-oriented character, but don’t quote me on that.

Overall, Sagat is another solid choice, because he has such high stamina and deals such good damage. People are starting to get better at countering Sagats, though, because they’re pretty common online (much like Ryu).


Charge characters are often a little more helpful for new players trying to be defensive. Characters like Balrog, E. Honda, Blanka or Guile can be good choices. Basically they encourage defensive play in order to execute their moves - as you hold back to charge moves you can block incoming attacks.

Honda might be a good starter. He’s got a good set of solid moves including a fast horizontal attack, a nice projectile-dodging overhead and a command throw for in-close fightin’.


What is it in particular that you enjoy about defense? This will help us narrow down the best choices for you.

Do you like standing your ground and keeping your opponent out? Pushing them back out? Running away from them? Waiting for them to make a mistake? Wearing down their patience? Being conservative until you figure them out? Doing lots of slow backing away mixed with little bursts of pressure to keep them wary? Being slippery and punishing? Getting counter-hits and breaking their strings? Preemptively countering their offense? Reactively countering their offense? Not letting them set up their offense? Frustrating and annoying them? Making them feel hopeless? Tricking them by offering false openings as bait? etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

(You will probably like some combination of the above. Very few of these elements are mutually exclusive and there is a lot of overlap between them.)


ryu…plain and simple…he has the most options and you dont need to be go0d to win…good damage plus easy supper and ultra setups, once you get good with him he has countless ways of linking into his ultra…sagat drags along the screen to0 slow for a begginer to be effective…i play him but i know his reach, speed setups and all that…i wouldnt suggest u begin with him…so do ryu because charge characters require more strategically placed movements that require u know the setups in order to capitalize on an opening and u cant mash shoryuken to get out of mistimed combos


In my opinion, I would start off with a charge character. This will do a few things when playing a charged character like Guile, Honda, Chun-Li etc.

  1. You learn not to button mash. Button mashing is a no-no and it can be a bad habit when it comes to more competitive play. Charge characters teach you how to use one button press instead of 4 or 15.

  2. You learn how to play more calmly, and efficiently. Charge characters are more on the defensive side and this can really improve your mentality when playing. You think moves out before doing them, you think ways to get pass their defense or pressure game. Part of fighting games are the mental games that are within the game. Kind of like Chess, you try to think 4 or 5 steps beyond your opponents next move.

As you progress more and more, you can try out other characters and you can see a nice transition from trying mashing out a SRK to doing the movement with no thought at all.

Hope this helps at all.


E. Honda for a charge, or Ryu because he’s Ryu. I started off learning the game with Ryu, then moved onto more interesting characters. Ryu can be strong on the offense and defense, has good combos, plenty of ultra set-ups and is overall a solid character.




Give bison a go (yeah, i know, i would say that). I’m very new to this, and bison is by no means easy to win with, but he does have one great advantage; he gives fireball, SRK, jump forward kick spamming scrubs hell. Headstomp, headstomp, headstomp will beat them all:) Of course, once you start playing better players, the headstomp becomes massively unsafe:( still, try him out. He’s got an easy way to down spammers, and if you pick his white costume, you’ll looks like an evil milkman;)