Needs help with vega wake up

arite so heres the deal, im at the moment using vega, and like it alot. but im having isssues against an opponent with a rush down game, any advice on getting out of corner/ wake up would be great. please and thank you.

if your playing a rush down person than most likely there gonna try to string combo or tick grab you on your wake up from a j.hp/hk/ or a cross up etc., what i usually do is AFTER I block the initial cross up or jump attack with a standing block, press db, , while mashing lp+lk, this will block their string combo, and if they stop in the middle of their barrage of attacks and links, to walk up to grab you, youll either poke them with a lk while they step towards you, or you will tech tech their throw attempt. from there reset. Im not pro or anything but it seems to work for me.

It may seem silly, and I discovered this tactic while being desperate, but U2 is a good way to escape corner pressure. Usually your opponent will try to jump in on you. If you U2 on wake-up, you’re out of there. Also, if you time it right, you can connect U2 since most people don’t respect Vega’s wake-up game and try to rush you down.

But other than that, block and tech throws. Vega doesn’t really have any solid tactics at escaping rushdown, especially while trapped in the corner. Scarlet Terror isn’t an option on most wake-ups, so just block and look for opportunities. Watch you’re opponent closely, and when they screw up, strike.

is this considered an option select?? and thanks man, ill try it. :slight_smile:

Don’t do it everytime tho.
If you jump in non-crossup they might block it and end up with punisher of their choice.

Yeah I know, you have to time it right. It only works if their at the height of their jump…unless their Gen lmao.

dont os tech throw. once people figure you do that you are going to eat point blank SRK. learn to tech properly. and block, a lot, in fact learn to block. the worst that is going to happen is a throw. and learn to ST in between block strings that have gaps. you will trade often, but it gives you enough time to escape the corner. but do it sparingly.

Well if the opp. is telegraphing the hell out of a wakeup throw (i.e. by standing right beside you waiting for you to wake up) just neutral jump for a free combo in most cases.

so the more responses i read, it seems the more i need to learn character specific stuff, where can i go to find stuff like this cause i have trouble with dictators and sakuras. (aka sakuras combos chaines and her anti air piss me off. :()

I’ve always been an advocate of the idea of burning an ultra2 early just to show them that I don’t give a crap haha. Just focus alot of hdk’s or whatever projectile they have to get that meter up.

This accomplishes two things:

  1. They become aware of throwing out hdk’s for zoning purposes.
  2. They are more weary of jumping in on you.

So i suggest practicing your FADC’s, if you get enough meter you’ll have 2 splendid claws for them in 1 match. That with good blocking should be more than enough imo.

~~just me though

not sure if anyone mentioned this burt try to time your techs with ur oponents combo rythem…dont just mash lk lp

im starting to lose hope guys… strating to think im not ment to play as him anymore cause im starting to go down in win %… at first it was really good, now… it seems vega just cant really keep up with higher level play… any advice, something im not getting???

ps, add me on xbox if you want to test things out with me, itd make all the difference to me.:wasted:

no its not that Vega cant keep up with higher play, you cant keep up. once you learn to AA constantly, you start winning so much more, and your game improves so much. ive bearly started to try and AA every jump, and my game has gone up considerbly. an ive been using hims since vanilla came out. it takes time. to even be decent with Vega you have to get a solid footsie, spacing, jumpin, AA, game going on.

:wonder:straight up, thanks man for the wake up call. i cant help but notice you have a live name, care to teach me some shit?? (ps, whats AA mean??):wtf:

Anti air. It’s when you use a move to counter someone trying to jump-in on you.

just invite. but invite to grumpy trece

once i get my account back ill invite till then invite the one i gave you. ask others as well get a feel for diffrent vega styles.

arite man, how do you spell it LETTER for LETTER. (thats always the problem getting live names, spelling.)

grumpy trece

Grumpy… Trece. What the hell were you thinking. That sounds retarded lol

its my friends not mine. the story behind is even funnier. in his younger days he was one of them “cholo kids” (think of those homie miniatures). His nickname was grumpy because of his temper, and he was from 13th street.