Needs More Cable

he should of been in the damn game from the start… i doubt if it will be a mvc4

i want to like this thread because i agree but i want to dislike it at the same time because you created it

10 more years of Air Hyper Viper Beam? :smiley:

good god, not another one of these

360 or p3?

Should Cable have been in the game? Yes. Should you have posted this in the wish list thread? Yes. Will this be getting locked? Yes.

Doesn’t Cable come back in the comics this month? Seems like a great time to bring him in as DLC.

EDIT: Forgot about Hawkeye. Hawkeye is nice, but I’d still love to see Cable.

This thread’s gonna be locked, but it’s always nice to hope on Christmas Day.

dont lock my shit

No, please not another up-back character

We already have this thread: