"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread

Hey Ron just finished watching the videos( pre top 8 and top 8) and I thort you did pretty good.

I know noticed that you were going for the c.jabx2 [link] c.strong and missing it a bit. I personally think its a lot more beneficial to use c.jabx2 [link] c.short. The link is super easy and comes at the expense of like a jabs worth of damage. The risk reward of c.jabx2 [link] c.strong is not good enough(imo) unless you got it down 100%. Heres the math if your interested:
j.fierce > c.jabx2 > c.strong > fierce headbutt = 291 points of damage
j.fierce > c.jabx2 > c.short > fierce headbutt = 263 points of damage

Also against Gief I like to be more mobile. I think holding downback is not your friend in this matchup. Pretty much staying outside of max sweep range and zoning him with normals and straight rush punch.

just my scrubby two cents if you want them

Thanks for the comments Tmeke, No your right, I need to use c. short link more…

ya that tournament was a wake up call for me to start learning new things (better things lol)…

the last couple of days I’ve been trying that link also dash punch OH, c. short, HButt, and finally landing my ultra fully in the corner by doing upper then straight then finish with uppers… the funny thing is those links that i have been ignoring are very easy to do compared to the bs im doing

Lastly, the geif match up i have no excuses for that… after the first round i should have known to stay mobile, sadly i thought the game plan in my head was going to prevail in the end as long as I stuck to it…

Again thanks for the comments Tomeke and they are greatly appreciated:rock:

Just wondering, has there been a serious shortage of Japanese Balrog matches or is the lack of recent links just a result of the sources being known to most people by now? Whenever I check HardEdgeOfficial’s Youtube page (IIRC he posts vids from Sakura and Chariot), Balrog rarely makes an appearance.


Some essential viewing here

can’t read japanese. Where are the videos?

Good shit.
That Zangief mirror match made me want to kill myself though.

the videos are there

Umm the links take you straight to the media player. Just find the play button on the page. By the way its the TRF tourney that was posted in the video link thread.


Balrog OCV

Reverse OCV? My nightmare relived:sad:


Good shit. Thanks for sharing. I’ve only watched the first set. Good thing not capitalizing on the blocked chun li ultra didn’t cost you the match ;p

Anyways this is what I learned:

  • i think i will switch to cr jab, cr jab, cr short for my block chains now. the range on the cr short is extremely deceptive.
  • EX headbutt is sexy. esp after a blocked sweep. lol

btw check out the frame data thread, I uploaded a new version … 1 page, printer friendly!

Doods!!! Haha I love it when Rog beasts on people!

Told you c.jabx2, c.short is good man, makes life alot easier. And man loving the psychic headbutts, hitting them left right and center lol. I noticed at around 30 secs in you got the SA crumple on Rufus, you should try c.forward [link] c.short xx fierce headbutt after the dash cancel. Does good good damage.

Man I wanna get up in that shit. Theres like maybe 5 people who regularly play sf4 at our arcade:sad:

thanks for the comments guys!

wang: ya headbutts on players that love their normals will make them think twice before sticking something out cough gootecks, oh one page frame data… :lovin:

tmeke: ya that team tournament had 16 teams so there had to been +50 people there, I’ll appreciate our situation down here more for ya:tup: keep those Japanese videos coming, ill update the first post soon with the best of the vids

Dude, ron ur a fuckin beast.

Incredible. I learned a lot just by watching you, Ron.
Edit: Does anyone know the El Fuerte player who won the tournament in the videos above?




Nothing new to discuss…except whether or not using ex rush upper twice in a combo is worth the extra damage. I reckon nope unless the combo starts with Ex Rush Upper.

Match with Akuma vs. Balrog, when you get to 3:55 be ready for some good stuff. Akuma’s fireball clearly goes through Balrog when hes jumping in on akuma, with what punch I’m not sure.

Wheres the link?

Wow, I can’t believe I could be that retarded, sorry lol.

Right hur: [media=youtube]ijlyexbAJZQ&feature=related[/media]

Just watched it and theres nothing out of the ordinary about that. You’ll probably find that the rogs hit box shrinks when he does j.hp then add to the fact that the fireball looks like its passed him already.