"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread









A lesser played match. May my mistakes never be repeated for anyone who sees this video. I think in the near future Hakan will be the 2nd most used grappler, but that’s just me.


In the 2nd match, why you decide to use dirty bull? To counter Hakan U1?


no not really, Balrog doesn’t really have a counter to U1 (since you can’t react to it because its 1+0). Picking U2 just makes some players think a bit too much so i can jab them more than usual than with U1 since i they’re not worried about a juggled ultra from headbutt. I didn’t pick it to use it in that case, I often pick it when i’m trying to learn a matchup since using U2 almost always draws out a match so you get an opportunity to learn what the opp wants to do with his meter etc.


Midlevel casuals with a long-term sparring mate - It’s that scenario where you’ve fought eachother so much over the years that you can’t help just mess about or play it laid back… Still, there’s a few fun moments in there if you can look past the scrubness.





Any chance folks could lend this little reckless nonsense Balrog garbage a little support? Typical keyboard bastardization ahoy.



Heres my rank match with a ranked # 6 gouken on xbl.



onigiri-kai = @ 18:18


Yun can go choke on a horse-wang… So annoying to fight - This particular player was jumping around and doing the same old divekick crap up close, spamming palms at a distance… Eventually I said fuck this, fuck you, have some noobish Balrog garbage.




Haha, good stuff there! Punking some Yun players feels great, doesn’t it?



This was a good match with a decent Honda player, knew I had to play smart. I made a couple of mistakes, but in the end I mad a couple of good decisions.


That was actually fun to watch… lol


Been posting on my youtube channel almost daily, please subsribe if you would.



That is the only reason I upload vids, really.

Sure I upload the occasional serious match but my SF4 vids are mostly me doing some ridiculous crap you can only ever get away with on GFWL PC versus the lower skill level players there, myself included :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice Boxer videos here


Maeda Taison matches!!!

He was a guest on NSB TV (with aka jojo and Eita) show yesterday, he played for a long time using mainly using Rog but played a few other characters as well. Enjoy!!

Archived stream (2 parts)

Youtube uploads
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mYN8urZrr0&feature=feedu (pt 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlCi-tbDl5g&feature=feedu (pt 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HDMWXGkVvU&feature=related (pt 3)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97bLK-ci_u0&feature=related (pt 4)


Will the parts with aka jojo be uploaded to youtube as well?