"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread



Nah, aka Jojo is the big dude that is sitting next to Maeda. This footage is all Maeda Taison matches. Over 2 hours worth!

Edit: My bad, Jojo starts to play with Dictator at 01:17:00ish.



Was PR Rog setup after forward throw really a safe jump? If it is, I think I’ve checked the Safe Jumps Mechanics post, but it hasn’t been covered yet, if it really is a safe jump.


ya, fwd.throw, 1xdash cr/st.lp, j.hp/j.hk is a safe jump setup. But against cody his only wakeup is ex.cu and zonk, but with 7+ frames of startup, U2 is scary but it won’t completely juggle if you just hit the spray. So safe jumping isn’t extremely difficult. That was a safe jump someone found (dunno if he discovered it for the first time) a couple of days after I posted the article. the most current list of safe jumps and meaty setups are in the O/S thread.


My match at seasons beatings versus G1lty. Should have won. I’m the balrog player. 6:50 is crazy and where I get mad salty and mind fucked. Also please ignore the 4 hard knockdowns right at the start that she gets in a row, I kept expecting her to step over on my wake up so was blocking low in the opposite direction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GztetElJlAw&feature=channel_video_title



My youtube, I only play casual matches so don’t expect anything amazing - usually only upload combos.


Hopped online for the first time in a while. This guy was free so I made an impromptu combo vid. Any other Balrogs have these combo’s down 100% also? All’s I see is jab jab short headbutt all day.



Sick vid, Balrog’s playing marvel.


Squirtguns, nice execution with those combos.

Here are two videos of me playing against VRyu’s Makoto.



Lost a lot, but not as badly as I expected.


Just uploading one of the last few matches i’ve played with balrog, mained since vanilla - switching to dudley for something new. these were my only good wins my losses were quite heavy to this guy so i think i’ll keep them to myself lol.

It was fun collecting that fight money. now its time to keep it classy.


Vids like that always make me want to work on my combos. My sparring partners regard me as someone who ‘plays Balrog like a tricky mixup character’ because I always rely on gimmicks but ultimately my BnB’s are all the basic combos so 1F links and the likes don’t get used.

So, same as yourself, met a chap tonight who was clearly learning and decided to use him as a punching bag - Got off a few half-decent combos, least I can say I wasn’t just jabbing into headbutt.


Not as fancy and awesome as the other vid but hey, it’s an improvement on my usual so I’ll still be proud.


Couldn’t help but notice the custom stick at the end. B15SDMDESIGNS design?

I was practicing Bison against that guy’s Cody a while back, don’t think I managed to get a win either.

Was this at that recent tourney, that VRyu gave Poongko some trouble?


I can haz a question: On knockdown, I noticed Makoto would often do her overhead kick-thing. Y u no HB dat kick? She was doing it real often, knowing full well you wouldn’t do anything.

Wake-up U1 (yes I know its scrubby) could also have been squeezed into that match a few times.


I haven’t watched the vid (b/c i’m @ work with no utub), but if it was axe kick on his wakeup 9 times of 10, headbutt isn’t a valid option. Makoto can axe kick on his wakeup and it can cross up (or not), and be angled where all versions of headbutt will whiff. Offensively, Balrog can’t do much to beat that move on wakeup(ex.ru/ds may work sometimes, but there’s the possibility of it whiffing all together and you being O/S with something scary like ex.dash punch into the corner into up punch etc, she can also use ex so it hits twice). Focus attacking (charge/release for lvl1) is probably the best way to deal with that on wakeup since makoto has grounded recovery after the axe kick.

Headbutt is generally a bad idea on Balrog’s wakeup against Makoto, unless she goes for a throw :]

my notes say the setup for crossup axe kick against balrog is is: ex.chop, fwd.jump mk.axe , there’s a utub vid floating around that shows it for the entire cast, don’t have it on hand atm. If I just wrote that block of text for a makoto player that wasnt’ doing it properly, or too late for it to matter, i apologize in advance.






A few months late, but that is PR Rog. He’s been posting videos on youtube on AE PC under the same name. What made you think it wasn’t him?


Ended up deleting the video.


guess whos back. shoutouts to yogaflame24



Sick… As usual… Man that 1st round ending was priceless!


Hey Guys,

Here is a ft5 of me against a Vega (Rugalitarian) on UYG FT5 Fridays.