"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread



Any critiques are welcome


Graphics Test!
Anyone who’s seen my previous vids may know how it looked - Since I fixed an issue on my comp I’ve lately been able to record full-size 1920x1080 at 55-60 FPS so am testing it’s watchability on YouTube, does this look alright?


My old videos were recorded at 1024x768, then 1280x760 on previous computer, then 1920x1080 (Half Size) before now, 1920x1080 Full Size - If it’s too colourful or bitty, might try some new settings.

Oh, as for the stuff in the clip, just my usual nonsense Balrog - Any day I make an Endless Lobby I always get D rank players who mostly don’t seem to handle to weirdness too well so just used a bunch of usual shinanigans.


Went to a box arena tourney while on vacation in So Cal. Was my first time playing 2012. I was running thru fools until I came across this Hakan player.
http://www.twitch.tv/theboxarena/b/303832740 Match starts at- 32:30

I was headbutting like crazy because I had no idea how to beat that grab that you can’t jump out of or low profile. Played some sets with him later and you can jab him out of it when he does nj. hk into it. I think You have to headbutt tho when he does it meaty on wakeup.

Ended up tying for like 9th overall I think.


squirtguns, i mentioned how to beat Hakan’s uncrouchable oil dives in the art of punishing article, near the bottom where it says punishing outside the box, it’s hella hard, but it’s a bit better. Hakan is one of my secondaries, and I was reading up on it. The sheer number of uncrouchable oil dive setups he has is fucking scary. like j.hk, lk.oil dive is uncrouchable.

If Hakan gets a bigger following, using crouching normals to defeat crouch-delay is going to have to be a bread and butter for every sf4 player otherwise Hakan’s going to RAPE.


Hey guys, first time posting on the Boxer board.

I’ve switched to Balrog as my main about a month ago and I feel I’ve hit a plateau. I know a lot of the technical stuff and can do basically all combos except R-style craziness. I still have some bad habits like throwing out random TAPs, but I’m ironing that out already. Whats really troubling me is that I am completely uncertain of my options and general gameplan in some situations. This results in me not keeping up pressure as well as I think I should be able to and not recognizing opportunities to punish. When that happens my whole game usually falls apart and I look incredibly free.

That’s why I’d like to ask for some advice regarding these matches I just played today.

The person I’m playing against used to main Balrog for quite a while and knows the matchup well. As you can see I’m having a lot of trouble gaining momentum.
Please don’t focus on the match-up as I feel the problem lies within my own playstyle.

Thank you in advance!


You were Alex T? Thanks for coming out!


Fosho. I hadn’t played any fighting games for months, and last tuesday got back into playing. I might come back out again this tuesday before I fly back up to Nor Cal


Streaming right now WP CUP 2012, Starring **JSMASTER **with awesome Balrog action



Dudes you **neeeeeed **to watch JS “Choke” Master in action

He fucking threw the money fucking match lmao.


Dear God, nothing worse than facing a Ryu that has the “I give no fux” online mentality.




EZ5 REZ Z VS CloakedSley



That too


That too!?


a wholleee bunch of -R- action here. the dude is killing it with that c.lp, c.mp link. lands at least 20 a game. beast.


credits to SMOAI2010


thats a big boy combo http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=srrP7o--WlU#t=300s


OMG!! I hate watching -R- Balrog he is too reckless and it works lol


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