"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread



EZ5 REZ Z (BALROG) VS porkloafking (C. VIPER)






I had a first to 5 with tokido when he was in germany. He is really strong !!

check out the vids here http://www.versusism.com/2012/02/02/ssf4-ae-casual-sets-between-tokido-and-european-players-at-duc2k12/


Hey guys, just added this to the RopeDrink Balrog Funsies compilation thread, wondering if people could be so kind to give it just a little love, if they like it of course.

Very basic, I never was and never will ever have even a grain of talent that people like Maeda, PR Rog or -R- have but even casual nobodies like me have their fun moments :slight_smile:



Cab. He played vanilla arcade alot back in the day.



just helping out. questions, let me know.

Balrog starts in the beginning.


I dont play SF4 nearly half as much as I used to… Not even close… So when I come back and play once a month, the last person I should play against is a guy who spent all of Vanilla tearing my face off with Bison.

He’s experimenting now with Cody/Juri so put Bison on the backburner but we had a long casual set anyways - Yes, casual and we’re PC players, so it’s not like there’s going to be OEMG MEGA SUPER PRONESS here, but someone said in my “Fun Moments” thread that I should upload a set so figured I would, even if it’s probably not all that great to watch because I’m a wreckless noob scrub. Here’s some wins and losses.









PR Balrog’s AE Matches from NCR X.






I was bored… Boredom led me to making something stupid :frowning:


Don’t let Rope get bored :frowning:


Lmaoo that was good. Solid Rog as usual.


PR Balrog’s matches from Season’s Beatings Summer Slam on Team Sp00ky’s stream.














Really long video.

I used Blanka for 3 games.




You can’t be serious, that’s awesome! And my playstyle totally fits with his, so I’ll be able to adapt to his tactics better than PR’s / JS’s / -R-'s (old videos, of course.)