"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread



Yes indeedy! Took me awhile to confirm the gamertag but it’s him. :slight_smile:


I’ve only seen a couple of his vids so far but I feel the same way.
When I watch PR and -R- I kind of disagree with some of the things they do (even though I understand and respect why they do it) but Pamyu makes sense to me in all of his decisions.


Dayum he’s looking good, please post more if they show up - One to keep an eye on for sure.

I’ve all but quit SF4, very rarely play it these days not because I don’t want to but other games just took major priority over it, but I still log in and try to get an hour or two at least once a week or fortnight at most - Unfortunately I’m way out of shape, but thankfully the one person who joined my lobby was a learner practicing Cammy - So they got to get some Balrog matchup experience and I got a safe way to warm up and try glide back into the game - Had some fun with basic BNB’s and stuff, not sure if it’s all that interesting to watch, though - We’ve all seen a full RU loop 2million times but I always keep a recording of one when I land it online given the lags and whatnot.



Pamyu is playing in the TOPANGA B League and is looking pretty boss.


are you able to upload any of the footage? I get confused by this topanga stuff


Recent footage of -R-‘s Rog have been floating around. Is he back to our good ol’ dirty boxer? It seem that Adon made him terribly bad though, he keeps losing, throwing out random TAP and headbutts all the time. And he also doesn’t walk forward a lot, he’s spamming lots of different dash punches to close distance.

That’s terrible, feels like he needs to grind it all back.

He was my favorite Rog before his switch. Although I agree more with Pamyu’s decisions, -R- was simply breath taking. Who are the top Boxers in Japan’s arcades right now?

Also, who is that Levistrauss? Severa matches of his were posted on EventHubs.


They’re floating around but not on YouTube, they would be taken down with the quickness.




Oh my sweet jesus that 3rd round!


PR Balrog’s streamed matches from CEO 2012











Well my scrubby self can never top anything from good ole PR or -R- or anyone for that matter, but I did have a nice session on GFWL today and managed to put to use a certain trick I showcased in a different movie, namely the L3 FA Extra Charge trick which makes BDash/FDash Ultras stupendously easy for even scrubs like me, even if it’s entirely reliant on a dizzy (Or a player who doesn’t react to L3 Focus Attacks).


Just my usual scrubby shinanigans - I’d also like to ask (Knowing Makoto doesn’t have great wakeup options) if a meaty overhead is unavoidable for her… After 26 games this player was caught most of the time trying to backdash (With sweep), occasionally tried that EX Grab and sometimes that EX Downward Punch thing which worked against my other moves except overhead - Either way anytime I used Overhead the only way the player avoided it was simply blocking (EX moves got broken and backdash got caught by it a few times as well).

Just wondering because I don’t get to fight Makoto’s often.

As for the perfect, very bog-standard crap but threw it in anyway - Ultimately I’m still as scrubby as ever but do love moments like this.

Anyways, back to watching PR Balrog :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure her DP can beat that on wake up, considering how close you are.




Removed the vid - It was just way too bad to post here.


Stand Jab FADC lmaooo


That was a CS Fierce, the FADC was a complete accident, I’ve no idea how it happened but I appreciate it looks (and was/is) completely stupid.


Ahh my bad, wasn’t watching closely :stuck_out_tongue:




Nice lol I’ve always wanted to see a combo with j.Mk, and those resets at the end were pretty dope!


For the benefit of Fogo & meeny, just saying I deleted the vid/post and will put it in the combo thread instead - No, they’re not talking to themselves, my post is just gone :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone also downvoted the movie within an hour of it being uploaded… Infact someone downvotes it anytime I link them here it seems - Should probably stop linking them in the thread as I’m sure people want actual matches and/or stuff from respectable players rather than PC AE Keyboard Balrog wannabe’s.

I thumbs it up =) its fun to watch stuff like that, I still can’t do the forward/back dash into special (besides fwd dash ultra/super) I watch all your videos, very entertaining keep it up…I play on PC too at random times so you can add me if you ever want games - meenyKO