"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread





Insane - R - once again, what a genius. As said in the comment of the video :

09:42 : First match.
12:27 : His special
13:37 : Leet trap.
15:15 : Is he serious ? What an OS !
17:39 : Armor cancel Headbut…







Antwan Ortiz




I’m fairly sure, whatever you’re doing to get light punch to come out at the correct time is technically not plinking. Well the definition of plinking can be easily found, but as I understood it, you need an attack button of lower priority and jab is the lowest priority. Quick Googling and I couldn’t find any source mentioning plinking jabs for any character. I also think James Chen explains this in an episode of First Attack which I will go and double check right now.

EDIT: [media=youtube]_A10okDV788[/media]

Go to 23:20.


Back has less priority than jab. I know what plinking is bro. You are the one that does not seem to understand. plink just jab with back and u will get two lone jabs. Back does not show in the input display. Jab before back


Back/select isn’t an attack button. I still don’t think that’s plinking. But hey, I’ll ask James Chen myself and come back with the answer. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.


I will say it ahead of time…I told you so.


Is it tournament legal to rewire for the back button plink?

I think i’d rather learn to do true 1 frame links without it so I’m not screwed at an arcade anyway though.

Also I didn’t realize Zak Bennett played AE at all, his balrog’s alright



Wow. It really is, if you want to go to those lengths.


No lengths at all:) You did not take my word for it and i demonstrated my absolute firm belief.


“Go to those lengths” as in, open up your stick and rewire the select button.


So is it tournament legal, do you know? You address cabinet users in the video but not tournaments.
It’s not really a tip, it’s more of a hack.

Also you’re not doing the 1 frame FADC I don’t think, isn’t EX dashes more advantage on hit?

Still impressive but you can’t really compare yourself to -R- when you’re using a stick and doing an easier combo.
Don’t get me wrong, I am impressed.

I decided to try it:
Admittedly it took me a fair few goes, I only tried it for the first time last week.


Ex isnt hard because of the timing on the actual link:) Wait till you absorb different hits from different chars at different ranges. That is what makes it hard. No the ex part to landing the ducking jab isnt too hard itself but when would u ever land a naked ex dash straight? Also when have u seen anybody use it effectively? Nobody yet I feel its another skill that should be practised along with random counter hits in training mode etc.




something to entertain you gentlemen with:


Free -R- Balrog???