"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread










That gootechs balrog.






Here are some vids of me.

Please critique and enjoy.







good stuff



CMO CMO CMO @ 3:05 and 7:19


Air shows off counterhit ultra OS works with rog


My amateur Balrog footy, hoping for a critique.



New video for the “newer” Blarog-players! :slight_smile:



some vids of me




Please critique


whoa nice


Thanks Micro




Friend of mine uploaded a vid of my play



Made another quick tutorial showing how charge characters can punish ex psycho crusher on block. quite useful after a safe jump.


Forums are back - And so am I ^^

Hey, been a long time - Practically quit SF4 but for some reason decided to log back for the occasional session - Started out by pissing around training with 'useless combo’s then just having a tiny session a few days ago, nothing fancy, me scrubbing around being useless and rusty but good fun.

Pointless Video:

Fun Video:

Shame the Media tags don’t work anymore :frowning:


Came back for a day and the accusations have begun already - Threw in some more combo’s at the end, seems I’m restricted to playing in the Training Room mostly these days.