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Lots of Eduardo in Japan Topanga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF_0iQhn554Topanga Charity Cup 3 - EVIL GENIUS vs. 斡旋15 [Block B] [SSF4


Matches between my friends






Same day as my previous post



Some matches I came across on youtube


Jav1ts in action


this mark guy cant rly play sakura, javits trolls him so hard.

boring matches mark is like a pmode dummy.



From 11:30 (sorry not sure how to timestamp twitch?)

Had NZ nationals this weekend, after I got knocked out early I challenged the champ later on.


Actually here is uploaded to youtube vids:
help with the chun-li one would be good.

Losers Bracket match:

Vs a Cody who I have a yearly MM with(he won nationals this year):

Vs a Gouken from the south island(just FT5 for fun):

Vs a Chun Li who used to be one of the top NZ players(mostly me trying to work out the matchup):


Ah man just in general, be careful with the way you spend meter. It’s really, really not worth spending it on more than 1 rep of an EX upper loop. Everyone goes through a phase where they just want to do this. If this was online, then whatever, but you’re playing in a tournament setting here. And again, pulling out the overhead a little too often. You’re playing offline, people can react. These are just the blatantly obvious things that I really, really, really hope you change.

EDIT: Kinda take care with relying too much on charging out with those EX rush uppers. I’m sure you know it whiffs on crouchers, but I guess if you get away with it, all the more power to you. Probably simplify your combos too. So many missed plinks into cr.mp. It’s not worth missing out on guaranteed damage, knockdown, positioning AND momentum. Better off with just the regular jab short combo or if your too far away and the opponent is standing, just combo into sweep.

Ok I watched a bit more. Just think about including staggered jabs, tick throws, timing close st.HK to counter-hit, and shimmying a bit more into your overall game. You’ll be surprised how many people you can catch with just a cr.jab, pause, cr.jab, cr.jab short, into headbutt.


Cheers for the response.

I think you’re definitely right on the Ex RU loop thing lol I’m just in that phase atm i guess.
Yeah probably way to many overheads in the first match just cause i want to land it on him since he says he’ll never be hit by it ( I hit him with it last tournament we played). also heaps in the second match cause I know that guy eats them.
but you right. you right.

I’ll watch my meter spending again I think.

Pretty much just a product of being able to get away with it so often that it’s habit now.



Don’t underestimate the benefits of having super built up. For example, if you take the Cody matchup -

  • Balrog’s st.MK can be used to nullify Cody’s slide. st.MK can also be buffered into super.
  • Any criminal upper on block can be punished with reversal super (hold kicks though to be sure). CORRECTION: LP version can’t be punished
  • If you see Cody’s about to throw rocks (which are pretty slow on startup, but have quickish recovery), it shouldn’t be too hard to super on reaction.
  • Punish a focus attack being held out too long.

The only time you may want to use EX rush upper loops is if -

  • Your punishing a blocked criminal upper/bingo with (st.jab/cr.jab into EX loop depends on the distance)
  • A badly spaced or whiffed ruffian kick.

To be honest, after you land a EX rush upper loop, just combo into a jab, short, headbutt or sweep. Leaving the opponent standing, is just awkward and becomes a momentum killer imo.


Chun main here. I think you did well…definitely just more practice. You really have to be patient and just move forward (walk and block mostly, EX dashes if you can get away with the spacing) with as little or no jumping as possible. Do you best to walk her and corner her, especially if she has no meter.

You could use j. hp/j. hk if the Chun does not know how to antiair those correctly. As mentioned, save your EX for EX dashes/headbutts rather than use them on dash punch loops. These are stuff that can help break through her defense. Keep it close and as much as possible, don’t let it get to the point/spacing where Chun-Li can flat out zone/poke you out of everything.

Some old vids of the matchup in the spoiler. Aside from the damage (and in Super onwards, Chun gained U2 which she can use to O/S Balrog) the flow and gameplan should still be the same.





some of the local old replays I remembered that I have, might help






It’s still an uphill battle for Balrog against Chun. If I want a fighting chance, I just move the cursor over to Bison :stuck_out_tongue:


When in doubt vs Chun, pick a divekick character.



Some PR Rog action during the TFC tournament


i hate the rog mu with my soul…