"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread





Here are all PR Balrog’s streamed matches from Canada Cup 2013 AE Singles. I don’t want to undermine Lap Chi’s potential to minimize his debt for running Canada Cup, so I’ll share these only with the 10 or so people who frequent the Balrog forums.

As always when you’re watching high level replays, don’t just go “oh that was free” or only pay attention to the combos, but keep in mind -

  • How does he use his meter? When does he prioritize building super over using EX meter? Under what conditions will he consume meter over keeping super?
  • In each matchup, what is he looking to punish?
  • What setups or option-selects does he use? Does it change against different players/matchups?
  • At what point in the match does he start to impose frame traps? How often will he use them?
  • How does he space himself? What does he do if he’s incorrectly spaced? How does he get himself out of that situation?
  • How does he use his normals in each matchup and against different players?
  • Under what circumstances does he play nuts/random? When does he play solid/intelligently?

Finally, if you imagine yourself playing offline, and an educated SF4 commentator has no idea what your doing, you might have to re-think the way you play.

Also, if you’re looking for other good Balrog players apart from PR Balrog, then try JS Master or Keno. Integrating -R- garbage into your gameplay will without doubt make you worse.

For the record, Eduardo said he went even with -R- in Japan at the arcade, but against other people at the arcade, Eduardo said he did a lot better than -R-. He also said -R- is a nice guy too.

EG| PR Balrog (Balrog) vs Chill Brah (Dee Jay) Canada Cup 2013 AE Pools

Street11 (Gen) vs EG| PR Balrog (Balrog) Canada Cup 2013 AE Pools

Bonchan (Sagat) vs EG| PR Balrog (Balrog) Canada Cup 2013 AE Pools

EG| PR Balrog (Balrog) vs Street11 (Gen) Canada Cup 2013 AE Pools

EG| PR Balrog (Balrog) vs MCZ| Tokido (Akuma) Canada Cup 2013 AE Top 16

EDIT: Replaced Street11 and Tokido videos with the official Canada Cup uploads. The DJ and Bonchan matches still don’t seem to be up yet.

EDIT 2: Replaced all matches with the official Canada Cup uploads now.


Is that your account? smh

anyhow from the pre canada cup event


@Shiro_420 If you want them taken down. No issue at all.

But some matches never get seen even if they’re streamed, and I think there’s only like 3-4 people on this subforum anyway. Also, kept them unlisted rather than public.

I subscribed to Canada Cup and kinda just uploaded these for the betterment of every Balrog player’s gameplay.


A friend’s Balrog vs me (Chun/Juri) and some other friends


Thank you about this. As a newbie player who’s trying to main balrog sometimes I don’t understand what I am watching… yeah some option selects here, some crossups there but I don’t deeply understand what I am watching.

This is just what I needed. Can someone give me more tips? My pp’s and bp’s grow up when I realized that I need to maintain always a close-mid distance with ryus, but sometimes I got mad when they just walk and walk back… and jump back doing random kicks… it’s like we play the cat&mouse game, I need always to follow them and eating some hadoukens (because of internet ping, I can’t react in time when I’m near…).

Btw, is normal that I feel like when I watch PR Balrog play I learn nothing because he’s too high level to me?


^ wathcing PR Rogs stream lately has really helped for this as he just tells you all that stuff anyway! it’s like study on easy mode :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder how people manage to do one frame links online.


FT3 - Infiltration (Hakan) vs. Dixon (Boxer) - AE Exhibition at Singapore



Hey guys:

Aspiring Rog here. Been training him up semi-seriously since Super, but have been really working on him for a little while. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. Let me know what I’m doing right, what I’m doing wrong, etc.


Salty Runback at NEC14

The commentary is annoying, and the battles don’t start until about 2:10, but there is some good stuff in there. Love the Dudley match up.



Here are some more of my matches, i plan to upload more as well. Hopefully you guys can help me get better


Using Ultra 2 but they’re like a month old. One against Adon and another one against Fei. Enjoy!



Great video Pr, i never used ultra 2 what so ever, as i always thought it was trash. Keem em comming, This thread is dead lol


Pretty cool replays with dramatic endings! Enjoy!

Me vs AGE Romance (Sa)

Me vs EastSideMario (Go)


Thought I’d upload my first game of 2k14 to join in with the festivities surrounding the new year.

Undefeated this year, btw. ;]


Like a boss


Got some first to 5’s :smiley:

vs BDi Frenchie (Ab)

vs. Hiro SenseiG (Ch)

vs. RoyalPhlush (ER)

vs MLSwear (Ha)


I watched those videos. One question- Can you tell me what the hell is going on at 10:45.

You jump in with a Roundhouse, link a cr.mk to cr.mp to EX.RU to cr.lp to cr mp to hk.RU FADC cr.lp to cl.hk to cr.mp to lp.Straight. At least that’s what it looks like. Can you transcribe that and break it down for me? It looks like you plinked a bunch of the mp inputs, but they register as a mp followed by a mp and lp together. Does that make any sense? Sorry if I sound like an idiot- I’m still learning this shit- but that combo was fucking AMAZING!