"Needs more Dudley!" The Boxer Video Thread



Yes chadouken you said it right.
That’s a plink that’s why it looks like I pressed like 4 buttons in a row. It’s a glitch in the game that adds 1 frame to combos making them easier example:
c…lp into c.mp is a 1 frame link but if you plink you make it a 2 frame link.


Thanks, that’s what I figured. I’ve had the concept explained to me before, but watching the inputs happen in real-time in the midst of a combo during battle definitely helps. I’m going to practice that combo and whoop all my friends’ asses with it!

But I’ll probably screw it up and get frustrated and wakeup headbutt and get punished.


More Sets.

vs Sagat

vs Ibuki

vs Vega

vs Akuma


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYfpQHbDvGY My match with DSP





A pretty good match I had today.



The best player I have beaten so far (Points wise) :smiley:


anyone found Ultra Japanese rog play online yet? thx


few ultra matches here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF8TRhfGoS0#t=2111


For anyone interested.


Thanks to @Kim1234_ALL_DAY and www.twitch.tv/yubiken

0:03 1) See if LP Dash punch overhead xx FADC xx cr.jab combos – FAIL?
0:33 2) See if MP Dash punch overhead xx FADC xx cr.jab combos – SUCCESS
0:49 3) See if LP/MP Dash punch overhead can still combo into level 2 focus attack – doesn’t seem to work, but also not sure which version used. May still work for MP overhead.
0:56 4) Does cr.MP xx HP dash punch xx EX Red Focus work? – SUCCESS
1:11 5) Does TAP xx EX Red Focus work as a combo? - Probably need to time focus a bit late and could be character specific.


made a little highlight reel of PR Rog for NCR2014, thought I share it here


For Balrog’s Red Focus combos, pay attention towards the end.


Hey guys, I’m kinda started out with Balrog, and I wanted a bit of advice on what I’m doing wrong. I’m still trying to improve, so feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thanks


Well, for one, you’re not getting optimal damage on your U1 juggle. It should be K,P,K,K,K not K,P,K,P,K as that misses two full hits you could be getting. Also against grapplers, I find that st.hp can help at mid-ish distances if they want to walk forward, it has tonnes of length to keep them out.


Actually, optimal damage for U1 has changed now to KPKPK in USF4. Check it out in training mode. @Jav1ts mentioned it on Twitter.


Against Juri early on when you mauled her and she had no meter, maybe go for the throws instead of frame traps. He didn’t seem too concerned about being thrown. HK pinwheel and EX pinwheel are pretty negative on block (-11 and -14). You should be prepared to just raw U1 if you bait this out or if they throw it out at random. Juri has a weird hitbox, might need tailor your combos/hit confirms/EX loops for her.

Against Hawk, Condor Dive is never safe and you should always be prepared to punish the bounce back with U1. Be aware it can whiff though, and if you can’t punish it in time then make sure your out of the way in case Hawk follows up with SPD afterwards. It used to be a lot easier to whiff punish Hawk’s Condor Spire in AE, but now that it’s been buffed, I’m not so sure. If you manage to get a knockdown on Hawk, you can always bait out an SPD by using an instant jump back HK. Actually beats out their uppercut as well in a lot of cases. Otherwise keep him at a distance with dash punches and pokes, and always be ready to FADC a stray or badly spaced dash punch. Also, against grapplers, sometimes you have to be ready to hold up if you expect an SPD.

In general, I’d be a little more careful on using EX’es, maybe conserve meter a bit better and probably a few less overheads.


Some amazing info in here, gj guys. I was wondering if I could get some in depth info on the Rose Matchup in general.

"Gettin' that Bike $!" AE Balrog Match-up Thread

I really don’t know anymore. Before you could just knock her down and do meaty sweeps/ low rushes that she had to block but now her ex soul spiral blows up anything you can do. Kind of have to guess if she is going to back dash or ex soul spiral now. You can throw her I guess but her back dash just gets her away.

A lot of her slides and soul spirals are pretty punishable on block. Should be able to jab her after into something.


All 22 colors!


I’m using alt 4 color 16 now!