Needs Rog Training Partner!

hey guys, i been playing rog for over a month and im doing decent with him i also and playing with a fightstick TE. But im still not were i want to be so if anyone would like to play around on XBL and help i would be thankfull. Gamer tag : Mattallica87


add me


hey thanks starting to think noone was gonna answer. if anyone else wants to help ill gladly take it. thanx

Add me xbox. TRAZE818
Psnnetwork. TRAZE 818

Add me xbox. TRAZE 818
Psnnetwork. TRAZE818

You can add me to : Muay Apachai
I play on x360:china:

you can add me GT:KaboXx im a rog player to. i also use dictator

I need a balrog training partner also… anyone wanna help? PSN: Ken123103

I woudnt mind a partner also Add me please

GT: Skygen

Heyo. I’m a PSN Guile player looking for a solid Balrog around or slightly above my skill level to help me get better at the matchup.

BP: 4000 (should probably be 6000ish I’d guess, but I’ve only been playing online for a week)
PP: 2000
PSN: Skkra
Time Zone: East Coast (Philadelphia, mostly play nights after work, 9-midnight)

If anyone can help me, I’d love to spend some real time on this matchup. Feel free to send a PSN message, or leave me a PM. Thanks!

My psn is balluupnetme

Skkra add me, purbeast is my tag.

I’m out all weekend at the beach but I’ll be back Sunday night. I also want to try and get better at the guile matchup. I rarely face a competent one and when I do sometimes I have no clue wtf to do.

Perfect. This is the EXACT same thing I find myself say about Balrog players. I’ll add you and balluupnetme and we can improve together.

ok, cool.